Well, Heck, Call me Flipping Nora, If it ain't another soul, That asks, Is there more to life?

Hey lovely, I'm Lisa, and I'm so flipping excited to see your face

As a heart-led coach, and creative, I offer various ways you can work with me.

Are you a heart-led creative, soulpreneur, small business, or community enterprise, feeling like you need more hours in the day to get through your never ending to do list?

As a lifestyle & business virtual assistant, I can help you to reclaim your time

I save you the commitment of having long term employees

And the worry of paying staff overheads.

Are you a woman who has lost yourself, your sense of self identity & self worth

Stuck in the cycle of rinse & repeat

Stuck in the middle of the drama & trauma of toxic relationships

And dating all the frogs (aka the narcissists & dickheads) to find your happy ever after

#soultruthbomb you wont find it there...

Lost in a society thats lost the art of connection, feeling overwhelmed

Anxious, unconfident and struggling with the mind monkeys

And fed up of playing small, hiding yourself, & selling yourself short

Because you've spent your whole life putting your own dreams & happiness

In a box to be forgotten about

As you've put other people and their needs, wants & desires first?

Are you a introverted dreamer, sensitive leader, spiritual, creative, empath

Visionary and heart & soul-led woman or business woman

Who has spent your whole life trying to fit in

A women who never puts herself first, yet knows she wants a magical life & business

A woman who wants f**kin more than the rinse & repeat & the curveballs in life

You just can't do it anymore!

And you're finally done with the I should's, I need to's, and the judgment of others

You dream of truly being yourself, you have a big heart, with big dreams

And your ready to reclaim your time, ready to reclaim you, . your identity, your self worth, self compassion, self confidence, & self belief, you're ready to rewrite your story, and create a magicikal hell yes life, by your own soul rules, swear words included, because hey that's just life

And well it's a hell of a lot better than feeling like a bag of nothingness!

If you've landed here, its for a reason, and thats probably because you know deep down you desire more, you need help to move forward, you have a deep longing to live by your soul truth, and youre finally fed up of not knowing who the hell you are anymore...never mind finding the time to do all the things you know you want to do

Then you'll be be as happy as a witch goddess, with a magicikal unicorn to see my face

I'm here as an lifestyle & business assistant, to say here let me help

To lighten your list of to dos...to free up your precious time

As a 1-1 personal coach/mentor/and biggest cheerleader, I'm here to be your guide..

But let me tell you a soul truth here and now, this aint no place, to be all sweetness & light, although tea & cake is always welcome...

Because doing true soul work & healing ancestral wounds can be heavy going, with tears, and bloody hell... Well I never.. AHA moments...

This is where together, we do the shit that gets you digging deep

That gets you to the buried treasured inside the layers of you

I'm Lisa & my soul mission in life as a self worth, soul alchemist

Toxic relationship coach, and writer

Creative lifestyle & business support virtual assistant

Angelic guide, certified life, spiritual, relationship & happiness coach

Is to empower you to reclaim your precious time & self identity, your self worth & reconnection to your dreams & purpose, to release your inner f**king warror, goddess queen so you can rewrite your story, have control over your never ending to do list, & be the co-creator of your highest vision, so you can create your hell yes life by your own design, by your own soul rules, cos hell... you aint a cookie cutter template

Whatever your story is, I want you to know you're not alone

Together we can conquer that list of jobs to do, we can rugby tackle your fears

And we can rediscover, reconnect & reclaim all that you are

So that you can rewrite your story & create a new pathway forward


Because selling your soul to the tick on the task list, or the highest bidder

In return for love & approval and a job well done

Is no longer your only option

It's time to gift yourself self compassion, precious time, & the safety

You've never given yourself yet in this lifetime!

Join me in a journey to reclaim your time back, to rediscover your gifts, to reclaim your inner goddess, witch & warrior, as you regain time, clarity, confidence, self trust, and self belief as you step into your SOUL POWER & start to live a magical hell yes life,

My purpose is to inspire women to live a life that is more heart & soul connected, a life that is full of sass, soul, magick, and a little f**k that attitude.  

I lead with my heart for soul action, I will help you to:

Reclaim your time back, without the commiment of long term emplyees, and the worry of paying staff overheads as a lifestyle & business virtual assistant

As a 1-1 personal coach, I guide you to reclaim, rediscover & awaken to all that you are

I help you to reconnect you to all that you truly want

So that you can rewrite your story & create a magicikal soul filled hell yes life

With your heart & soul leading the way


For inspiration & soul truth

I get it, you wanna know who the hell, I am right?

Read more about me & how I work here

As Featured In...

And So To Wed Magazine . Beverley FM Radio .

Clarityy Magazine . CNBC . CBS NEWS


House Of Coco .

Innate Self-Love - The Self-Love Sessions .

The Journal Magazine . The Everyday Goddess Revolution

Miss Great Britain International . Untamed Soul Magazine .

Wellbeing Radio . Woman's Own Magazine

Wedding Ideas Magazine . Wedding Photoshoots & Blogs .

What's your story?

I would love to know about you, and what brought you here?

Whatever it may be, I want you to know, that you are in the right place to be seen, heard, listened to & believed in

This is your personal journey to rediscover who you truly are, to reconnect to what matters to you

To find peace from past trauma, From self doubt, anxiety, & stress

To stop comparing yourself & your life, To stop feeling lost & overwhelmed

Your journey to regain self-love, Self-worth, self-acceptance, self-belief, self-confidence & happiness.

Loving you & your life comes from healing bottled up emotions & toxic energy, stress & relationships

From yourself & others, Being true to yourself, starts with you!

My purpose is to empower you to follow your heart, soul & deepest desires, to become the leader & queen in your life

Truthfully I'm here to guide you home... To YOU, for you to rewrite your story & create a hell yes life

You are made of soul, magic & stardust #forwhatmatterstoyou

I cannot wait to see you shine


Choose your Way To Work With Me As A Virtual Assistant

Are you fed up of feeling overwhelmed with your never ending to do list

Are you wishing you had more hours in your day to get everything done

Let me help to lighten your load, and take on some of the jobs

As a lifestyle & business virtual assistant, I thrive on being able to help others, click on the Lisa Martin Creative image, for more information on how I could help you.

Work With Me As A Coach

Do you desire a high level 1-1 personal soul mentorship?

Sanctuary isn't for everyone, only the woman who is longing to harness her soul truth, and the most powerful portal of transformation, and a sacred space Where the story is rewritten, energy flows & where together we create a magical journey of majesty & reclamation, where if you listen bravely with an open heart, you'll hear & feel the whispers of your soul calling you home

If this is you, and your willing to commit to doing the work & the 4 figure Investment, then I invite you to dive deeper into Sanctuary

Click on the image below for more information:

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