Hey beautiful soul

Welcome to my little corner of the world

Are you a sensitive heart-led woman, spiritual soul & empath, who often struggles with life's curveballs & overwhelm, who never puts herself first, to like who you are, or struggles to be a little gentler & kind to yourself.

Could you do with some help reclaiming your self identity, self worth/esteem, self love, self belief and inner confidence?

This is where I can help. as a certified life, spiritual & happiness coach, certified angel guide & energy healer & teacher, creative soul, writer, author, and motivational speaker.

I offer you tips, tools, products, services & resources, to empower you

So you can transform your life and it's curveballs

Into super soul powers & enhance your life & share how you can do it

* Affirmation guides



* Gemstone healing handcrafted jewellery

*Journal Resources

*Prints & Printables

All handcrafted, hand designed & heart curated, to help you to reduce overwhelm & stress, to reclaim you, your time, your self esteem, belief and confidence

This is where your journey home to You starts

Life is to short to continue to feel fear, unworthiness

Or to keep being stuck in old patterns, & beliefs

Have you ever felt sensitive to other peoples energies? been a people pleaser?

Have you had a life full of curveballs? where you feel lost & overwhelmed

After trauma, abuse, heartache or loss

Whatever your story is, I want you to know you're not alone

Coaching, journal therapy, & energy healing brings together a form of release

From the mental, emotional, or relationship limitations you have Placed upon yourself

Together we can conquer your fears & rewrite the story

Together we can co-create new pathways forward

So you can become the leader & warrior queen of your own life

This is YOUR life, YOUR self soul identity!


My purpose is to inspire women to live a life that is more heart & soul connected  

If you're ready, then now is the time to reach out to me

I will guide you through this journey, I will be your support system

I lead with my heart for soul action, I will help you to:

Rediscover & awaken to all that you are, and reconnect you to all that you want

So that you can rewrite your story, to reclaim your inner warrior

So that you get to be the leader & queen in your life, to create a soul life that you love

When you partner with me, we work on a whole mind, body, life & soul reset

It is up to you whether you choose one, or several areas of your life to focus on

During the time we work together, because it's Your life, Your choice, Your rules!

For a peek into how I work, please feel free to give this a try....

Create a soulful journaling practice

Write down how your day has gone, how have you felt, what are your dreams?

what are you grateful for? doodle, draw, or write in your journal

I welcome you to share this with me, at the beginning of our sessions together.

What you can expect to find...

Read more about me & how I work here

What's your story?

I would love to know about you, and what brought you here?

Whatever it may be, I want you to know, that you are in the right place to be seen, heard, & believed in

This is your personal journey to rediscover who you truly are, to reconnect to what matters to you

To find peace from past trauma

From self doubt, anxiety, & stress.

To stop comparing yourself & your life

To stop feeling lost & overwhelmed

Your journey to regain self-love, Self-worth, self-acceptance, self-belief, self-confidence & happiness.

Loving you & your life comes from healing bottled up emotions & toxic energy, stress & relationships

From yourself & others.

Being true to yourself, starts with you!

My purpose is to guide you to follow your heart, soul & deepest desires, to become the leader & queen in your life

To create a soulful life you love

Truthfully I'm here to guide you home... To YOU

You are made of soul, magic & stardust #forwhatmatterstoyou

I cannot wait to see you shine


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