Lifestyle - 17 Before 2018 - Plan Your Goals To End Your Year With Sparkle !

Hey Lovelies xx

I hope you are having an awesome week so far, I cannot believe how quickly it has gone, I have been catching up on work, messages, and emails, and I came across an old email from the lovely Lisa Jacobs with the title #17before2017.

Now I had totally forotten about this, but I love to set myself a do to, and goals to achieve before a certain date, how about you? have you ever set yourselves goals to finish ?

No why not ? last year I set myself 3 big goals and 2 small goals to finish by the end of 2017, But it did not go to plan, as life had other ideas, so this year I am having a re - read of Lisa's post, and  upping my game to achieve at least 10 of my do to and goals list to finish before the end of 2018, some big, and some small, some business related, some personal...

So the first thing I am going to do is write those goals down in my pretty business and life journal, with dates to have them all finished by if they need a date that is...


My go to journal is my Emily Ley, grace not perfection journal, which you can find in the shop here ...

So here is my list of #17before2018, I am only aiming to complete 10, but if I complete them all i'll be a happy lady.

1a) Overhaul and glam up my office space, I currently work from my living room, so it needs to fit in with my colour scheme in here, so my intention is to clear out all old work into storage boxes, old coursework as above, and new work and current content into new pretty and glam binders and storage boxes.



1b) Buy new pretty and glam stationary, binders and office accessories in my brand colours of bold magenta, navy peony, gold, and white, but also add in a shot of silver, grey and purple/plum, which is what my living room colour scheme will be, when it is finally finished.



1c) Create a pretty and glam vision board, to put on my wall to keep me inspired daily.

2) I have started to redecorate my living room, in shades of light grey, silver, white, with blush pink, magenta and plum colours, light, rich but cozy, but have yet to add any new accessories, so I plan to create some new wall art and pictures, buy a new lamp, and buy the tiny and small details/finishing touches such as candles, trinket dish, photo frames, and warm snuggly cushions & knitted throws etc.

3) Launch my new range of handcrafted semi precious gemstone jewellery collection #mantra, and work on my curated gift boxes, to keep you nurtured and cherished.

4) Catch up with my girlfriends over a coffee.

5) Schedule monthly date time with my hubby, currently he sees the back of my head far to much, the joys of working from home.

6) Schedule weekly creative and spiritual time, I want to feel that soul lifting joy, in my life and business again, so I want to be able to do my photography, when the sun shines in my living room in the afternoon, or just to be creative for the sheer fun of it, or to simply just sit and let my soul be still.

7) Restart going to a book group.

8) Book a date with the girls, for our annual christmas shopping trip.

9) Restart my healthy eating, make a weekly meal plan and stick to it.

10) Build my soul lifting music playlist.

11) Book a day in December to do my annual christmas wrap, this is where I kick everyone out, put on cheesy christmas music, or play a christmas movie, drink hot chocolate, eat to many satsumas, and get the presents out of hiding, and wrap them in pretty paper and tied with a bow.

12) Make a commitment to post daily to FB

13) Master FB live videos, feel the fear and do it anyway.

14) Start to develop my own line of affirmation oracle cards and quote cards for Lily Grace.

15) Book a date with myself for an afternoon or a full day of just being still and present to enjoy a day just for me, to breathe, to pamper, to nourish my soul, to read or watch a soppy movie, to just be...

16) to finally start writing my book.

17) To start to draft my plans for content and products for 2019.

And finally to remember why I started my creative journey, and to always just be inspired to enjoy the journey xx



So why not do your own #17before2018 and set your own goals, to make your year end with a sparkle .


Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx




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