4 Tips To Reframe Limiting Beliefs

Many of us have certain beliefs about ourselves, and beliefs about other people, and situations we find ourselves in.
These beliefs can be both positive and negative.
So what exactly is a belief? Well, a belief is a statement that we believe to be true.
IE: A teacher once told you, you were not artistic, or that your drawings/paintings were not good enough, (using my own belief here, as my art teacher once did) now as a child you probably accepted this statement as being the truth.
I did, and yet today being creative is part of my soul, and my daily life as a writer, author, life coach, energy worker, designer of handcrafted jewellery, and paper goods, and I love to just doodle and paint.
And then every time you made a mistake in art you would have subconsciously added this into your thought patterns, so you grew up telling yourself, and others that you were no good at art, drawing, painting, without realising this was a belief, and in fact not the truth!
And let's face it, as a child, or even an adult, if someone tells us we're not good enough, or good at something, we automatically believe them, why? Because put simply, it's difficult to accept that what we are being told, or what we have always thought to be true, is in fact not the truth!
And any negative belief that we think is true, can hold us back, it can stop our potential for growth, our potential to feel joy, or our potential to be happy.
So Below, I am sharing 4 tips to reframe your thoughts on your limiting beliefs, to help you to remove them, so you can be on a path to rediscovery, personal growth, joy, and happiness.
1) Identify what your limiting beliefs are:
Take note of the of the statements and the words you make, and say about yourself, and your abilities, take note of what other people tell you, and say about you.
IE: I'm too old to do that, I am no good at that, I am not clever enough for, or I've been told I'm to selfish to do... write down as many as you can think of.
2) Identify here these beliefs came from:
With each belief you have written down, write down when you first heard this belief, where it came from, and who it came from?
Take your time, it can be a real revelation to realise that this/these beliefs came from someone else's words.
Be gentle with yourself.
3) Start doing the opposite:
IE: If your belief is I'm to old to.. reframe that belief to I am young enough to...
Or I'm not good enough, reframe to I am more than capable to do..
Or I am not worthy of... reframe to I am worthy of...
However you may just find that these beliefs are so ingrained into your brain, that you are reluctant to try to remove or reframe them.
After all in our heads, and what we believe we think of it as the truth.
Do this anyway, even if it does challenge you.
4) Using positive alternatives:
For each positive alternative that you have chosen, find the evidence to support this positive alternative.
IE: I am capable to do..List all the things you currently do, and have achieved.
I am Young enough too.. List all the things that people your age are doing, and achieving.
If you chose I am clever enough to.. List everything you have learnt, and achieved in your lifetime up to this point, from your first step, tying your shoes, getting dressed, cooking a meal, living on your on, learning a new skill, gaining a qualification, being promoted etc.
Then write down one action step for the coming days/weeks to prove your new positive belief.
You can then use this as a daily action plan to challenge the rest of your limiting beliefs, so you can continue to reframe them into your new positive beliefs, and your soulful truth.
It's incredible to think that our own thoughts, words, habits, actions and reactions, and those of other people can have negative patterns that affect us, yet have no basis in reality.
But now you know it is just a pattern, and one that you can reframe to create a new positive belief system, now this won't happen overnight, this will take time, so be patient, and be gentle with yourself.
However if you are finding this difficult to do alone, then why not book a coaching session, to help get you unstuck.
You can contact me today at:
Email: designedbylilygrace@yahoo.com
Hugs & Wishes
Lisa x

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