5 Ways To Be Powered By Soul

Hey lovely, I wanted to share a few of my favourite tips with you, on the theme of having a loving, wellbeing, and nurturing relationship with yourself first...
February always seems to be the month for love, But in my humble opinion the theme of love, especially self-love should happen in each month, it should be our first priority, to take care of our mind, our wellbeing, and our souls first, before we give anything of ourselves to others....
My nan always used to tell me you cannot pour from an empty teapot... trust me I've tried several times, times when I have spread myself to thinly, times when I've given every inch of my mind, energy, heart and personal power to others...
I neglected my own wellbeing, I didn't nourish myself, I didn't spend time doing anything for me, and it left me feeling horrid, and not worthy...

These days, I now make sure that I take care of me, and my needs first... let me tell you a big secret... This is not a selfish act...

People will try and tell you it is selfish, to want to take care of you, I know because I get this daily, don't get me wrong I dearly love my husband, my kids, my family and friends.

But I have in the past struggled with loving me, the way I look, the way I speak, and I dislike having to rely on others for anything.

But... and it's a big but, I was always looking to others to validate me... for compliments, for love, for support, for my self love, and self worth, and I blamed the fact i'd had curveballs in life, I blamed the fact id been bullied, abused etc, I didn't think to look inside of me for these answers because I was scared, scared of the silence, scared to let my thoughts, feelings and emotions out, until I had no choice, and its been 18 months of hard work, looking deep inside, and listening to the whispers of my soul to find me again..

So in order to rediscover you, and connect to what you truly want, you will need to lay out your personal boundaries, with everyone, and trust me this isn't easy, mine have to be put back in place daily, and it can get ugly lol...but trust me it is worth it.

However just because we are putting our needs, feelings and wants first... does not stop us from giving our love, our kindness, our time, or our hearts to others, we can still do that... but filling ourselves up first is a must, it's what I call being powered by soul....

So how do we do this you ask? Well, I thought it was high time, I shared my 5 favourite ways, 5 tips if you like on how I get powered by soul, no matter what life is throwing my way.... I hope they help you to add more soul, more nourishment, more wellbeing & self care into your life.



 1) My number 1 go to is soul journaling, now you may be familiar already with journaling, but if you're not, all you need is a notebook, pen, a cup of tea, or drink of choice, a quiet calm spot, maybe a candle and blanket (These are optional, but may make you feel more cosy & soulful) and an open mind to answer any questions that may come up for you...

Or you can just free write ( often described as dream journaling or scribing) Journaling is a way of self reflecting, a way of letting your thoughts, feelings, dreams, ideas, goals, and emotions out of your head.

If I have a particular question in my mind then I do journal prompts, so here are a few for you to practice with...

* What do I rate my self-love today.. 1 being not so much.. 10 being I feel utterly fabulous, and love myself wholeheartedly.

* What are my current favourite things about me, that I love?

* What am I doing for myself on a regular basis?

* What do I wish I could do more for myself?

* What action steps can I take this month to nourish my relationship with myself this month...

Wellbeing & self care

Mindset & mindfulness

Dreams & plans for my future self, in life & business

Or if you have more time, you could just free write, and see what comes up for you..

The important thing is to give yourself time to feel, to dream, to just be still with yourself, and to listen to the whispers within.


2) Positive affirmations to raise your vibrations... 

Always be true to who you are, don't compare yourself, or your journey to anyone else, that just destroys your soul, and leaves you feeling less than worthy, and you are a soulful power queen, own your power...

So start each day with a smile, a positive mindset, and say I am, I can, and I will, this makes a huge impact to your day..and it re-writes your limiting beliefs, tell yourself I love you, you are beautiful

Yes i know, your sat there thinking oh how daft, trust me I've sat in the mirror and laughed whilst doing this, because I felt silly at first....but it worked

Of course you don't need to look in a mirror, maybe write yourself out a beautiful card to place on your desk, bedside cabinet, or for in your bag, something you can look at, and say out loud, but I promise, if you do this daily, you will feel more positive about yourself, and your life.


3) Self to do list or soul list.

This is similar to journaling, write down all the things you love about yourself, and your life, its important to state, they need to be true statements..

This could be something like, I love that I have a curvy belly, because it gave me my children, or I love my long red hair, because of the way it shines, or I love my eyes, because they are a reflection into my soul...

Next write down what you have achieved in this past 12 months, all the little things, and the bigs things, next to it, write how you celebrated that achievement, if you didn't celebrate/treat yourself, why not?

Then create your wants and needs list, what would you like to have in your life, what would you love to do, Or to have, what do you need more of, where do you want to go, think of everything on your bucket list, and either write it down, or create a soul board, something you can look at daily, to remind you how amazing you are, and that you can achieve, be, and do anything you put your mind too.



4) Treating yourself ( Acting like the soul queen you already are)

When was the last time, you actually treat yourself, like the amazing person you are?

How often do you celebrate what you have achieved, the small wins, as ell as the big wins?

How often do you buy yourself something, just because it is something you like, want or need, or do you always still think you cannot possibly spend money on yourself?

We need to make a conscious decision to change this mindset to I am worthy of treating myself, because put simply, it is an act of pure self love.

Let me say right now, this is not about the amount of money you spend, it is about the joy you will get from this item or service, it is about how it makes you feel inside.

So say you would like flowers, or a coffee & cake date each week, don't wait for someone else to buy them for you, treat yourself to the most beautiful bunch of flowers you can get, or sit in the most beautiful coffee shop in town, and buy that slice of delicious cake because every queen deserves a treat.



5) Spending time with you...Self soul care & Wellbeing

What do you do to nourish your mind, body & soul each day ?

When was the last time you spent in silence with yourself?

It is important we spend at least 5 minutes daily taking care of our innate wellbeing

This could be 5 minutes of:


Deep breath work



Eating a nourishing breakfast with the window open, and music playing in the background.

A shower

Or it could be sitting in the garden with a coffee

Or it could be 30 mins daily:

A walk outside in nature

A soak in the bath with a candle, crystals and bath salts

Or it could be a weekly:

Visit to the nail salon

Lunch with a girlfriend

Or a monthly visit to :

The hairdressers

A night out

But you see what I mean, as women we so often put our needs, feelings, and wants at the bottom of the pile, instead we need to focus on re-nourishing our mind, body, and soul for our wellbeing, and our mindset...before we can give ourselves to others.

I would love to know what you are going to do for you?

I hope this blog post has inspired you to try out some of my tips, or if you have any of your own, id love to hear about them.


Hugs & Wishes

Lisa x



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