Business - Where I first Started, Secret Garden Photoshoot

Where My Business Was Born


Hi lovelies, as I embark on my new businesses journey with Lily Grace,  I thought I would share a photo shoot that was done for me, when I was very first starting out with my handcrafted jewellery designs. and known as Lovelili, I still at this point, knew I wanted to inspire others, and I wanted to empower others, but I wasn't at all sure how to go about this, and what I really wanted to create.

I thought the way to go was to create one of a kind designs, and at this point in my life, I had just discovered steampunk, which fascinated me and still does, I love the fantasy element of belonging to a different world, even if its just for one day, and I love all things mystical and magick, so I created a range that had a little steampunk, mixed in with whimsical delicate details, that would suit a magical secret garden full of fairies, I have always loved fairy stories, magical stories and the secret garden was one of my favourite films, so I mixed my love of all this together.



I was lucky enough to have the wonderful and talented Hollie Burgh Davey on board as my photographer, and the photo shoot took place in the glorious somerset countryside.




I had an enormous amount of fun creating these one of a kind designs, and they remain some of my favourite designs to date, and I still do love to get creative, with one of a kind designs, whether its whimsical or weddings.


Photography: Hollie B Davey

Model: Shannah Chapman

All Jewellery: created by Lisa of Lily Grace (then known as Lovelili )

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx


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