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The traditional birthstones for October are Opal & Tourmaline, and both gemstones have different colours ranging from pretty pink Opals, to multi coloured Tourmalines, although pink is often the colour preferred for October.

October is a season of change, when all the leaves fall and turn colour, the weather turns cooler, and it's a time of getting cozy and letting your creative energy flow, think halloween fancy dress and christmas moods, Opal and Tourmaline are connected to the month of October, because both gemstones promote creativity, and protection.

Opal Facts

Opal is formed from rain, yep rain, magic right there, it is believed that it is formed from the rain that creeps into the crevasses and cracks in the rocks that it runs down.

Once the rain water has evorapted, the silica that has been left behind, dries out, and hardens into precious Opal.

Opal has even been found on mars! only a handful of gemstones have ever been discovered outside of our planet, including peridot, which was found in outer space, a sign that gemstones really are magical, I mean how amazing is it that they are formed from nature and other mystical sources.

The mines of australia, produce at least 90% of the worlds precious Opals, and there are a wide variety of Opals available today, ranging from budget simulated Opals, like opalite, to exquisite and expensive Opals that are iridescent, or that have flashes of blue and red, some of the most well know types of Opal are:

Pervian Opals

These come in shades of blue and the prettiest soft pink, and they mostly come from south America.

White Ethiopian Opals

These Opals are just a shimmer of beautiful rainbow colours, and most of these Opals come from Ethiopia in East Africa.

Black Or White Australian Opals

These Opals look like they contain a rainbow within them, and are mostly found in Queensland Australia.

Each Opal has it's own unique colour, properties, and meanings, but Opals are gemstones that help with imagination, inspiration and creativity.

Opal Meanings

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Tourmaline Facts

Tourmaline is not just one gemstone, but a mineral family, there are three different types of Tourmaline, Elbaite, Schorl and Davite, and Tourmaline comes in may different colours, ranging from bi-colour and tri-colour, meaning that you can get 2 or even 3 colours within the same gemstone, and from reds, greens, pinks, yellows, black and blues, Tourmaline is popular  and a favourite gemstone with jewellery designers because of this.

Tourmaline is a gemstone that brings happiness, strength, and protection to whoever wears it.

As crystals and gemstones are linked to colour therapy, whatever minerals are present during the development of each crystal or gemstone will vary, and each colour will also have different properties and meanings.

Tourmaline Meanings

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Do you have an October birthday ? here are some women who may share it with you:

October 18 - Freida Pinto - Indian actress, who has appeared in both Bristish and American films.

October 21 - Carrie Fisher - An American actress, writer, and she was famously known for her role in the star wars fims.

October 26 - Rita Wilson - American actress, singer, & producer.

October 28 - Julia Roberts - American actress and producer.







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