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A few Months ago, I joined an Instagram challenge, #marchmeetthemaker by Joanne Hawker, as I realised I needed to become more visible, and more connected with my clients and growing audience, but I won't lie it made me feel super vulnerable, as although at times I can be outgoing, confident, laugh at myself and life, I can also be quite introverted and shy.

And I hate being salesy or not genuine, so I never push me or my products and services onto anyone, even though others often tell me, you need to shout about it more, do more PR and marketing, I find myself still shying away, as I am just a girl who has a passion for giving, creating and helping others, I don't like to shout and I don't ever want to be that salesperson who people can't stand.

For as long as I can remember the art of making things, planning to create something and helping & inspiring or empowering others has been a huge part of my life, from drawing with chalk on the pavements at school, to designing cards, scrapbooking, creative writing and making up stories (currently my granddaughters favourite bedtime routine) making handcrafted pretties, Listening to others and giving advice, to planning and styling weddings and events.

Being creative is a huge part of who I am, and a huge part of my soul, it is the light to my dark, and part of my working world, as I have chosen this path as part of my journey.

But my journey with creativity and this thing called life has definitely not been smooth, in fact its fair to say, I've hit a lot of bumps and had a fair few curve balls, and more than a handful of roadblocks along the way.

Do I call myself an artisan ha no way, Im not that presumptuous, as I still don't get paid to write, to take photos, to make things, to coach, so I don't call myself a writer, a coach, an artist, because if I don't yet get paid, I'm not good enough right?

I still sometimes think who am I to call myself this, who am I to say my work is good enough, ( Who else has a mad mind monkey, playing havoc at times we want it to be quiet) but I know deep down that this is the fear, that is playing with my mind, and within my light.

And my compass, my north star, that I like to call my inner grace, is still trying to keep me small, and protected, and trying to stop me from dreaming and playing bigger, and keeping me inside my comfort zone where it won't hurt as much.

Do I ever say hey be quiet! hell yes, even more so after my breakdown, which led me to strip back everything, and really listen to my soul, but thats another story, which you can read on the post >>>> I am the Author Of My Own Story

But that fear that my soul works are not quite good enough, when someone doesn't like what I've created, or value my time or what I'm offering, well that cuts me deep in my heart, because I'm a person who puts 110% into everything I do and everything I create, so its like I am being rejected or a part of who I am is, if you can relate to this give me a hell yeah, please tell me I'm not alone in this thinking?

I have finally come to realise, after much soul searching, tears of sorrow and laying awake at night, that my handcrafted creations, and my services are not for everyone, and thats ok.

I've learned that just because someone doesn't like what I offer, or doesn't find a connection to me, to what I've created, or to what I say, it does not take away the value, its still my piece of art, or work that I've created, its still a beautiful to me.




So for any fellow creator/maker/artist who struggles with owning your truth and what you are about, I want to say do not be put off putting your heart and soul into your creations.

Do not put of allowing yourself to be vulnerable, its what makes you, and it's you that counts, I know its damn scary to post that blog post, do that video, or post your latest creation, I know its scary to say hey there world I am sharing this with you, please like me.

I for one can't judge you, as im still learning to be visible, and put myself out there more, its a process we all go through.

But I am here to tell you to be brave, have that courage to connect from your place of soul, from your inner grace, your inner fear may try and trip you up, and say hey girl, you're not good enough, but don't you dare listen to that voice, its wrong! so wrong!

There will be someone out there, who values and loves what you do, so go on out there, and just do your thing, whether its painting, videos, podcasts, photography, just create it, and share it, and be so damn proud of yourself.

Below is a picture of me daring to try and share my light with the world, I booked a photoshoot, and for this image I was sat in cowpat, yep you heard that right, and I couldn't stop laughing, anyway it helped take away my fear of being photographed, if I can do anyone can x



Let me tell you, the world needs to see your creations, your soul and your inner fire, so go on I dare you... set the world alight xx

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx


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