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Crystals for your birthdate

For December you have two gemstones you can choose from, Turquoise, and blue topaz, both very beautiful stones.

Turquoise Facts

Turquoise comes in varying colours, natural turquoise can be pale blue with no markings, to greeny blue with spots, stripy marks or mottled blue, green and brown or indeed you can also get dyed turquoise, or turquoise blue jade.

The most valuble turqiouse came from Persia (now Iran) and the aztecs mined turquoise from New Mexico, it can now be found in mines in the U.S including Arizona, California, and Nevada, Chile, China and Tibet.

Turquoise Meaning

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Blue Topaz Facts

Blue Topaz comes in three main shades of blue, Sky Blue Topaz, a light blue colour, London Blue Topaz, a deeper blue colour than either the sky blue or the london blue topaz, and Swiss Blue Topaz,again a lighter blue in colour.

Natural blue topaz can be found in Northern Ireland and the UK, and also in Brazil, Afghanistan, Burma, China, Germany, Japan, Madagascar, Russia and other places.

Blue Topaz Meaning

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Who else shares a birthdate with these beautiful gemstones? You may just share your birthdate with these women.

Judi Dench - English actress and author - 9th December

Christina Aguilera - American singer, songwriter, and actress, and one of my all time favourite singers, who I was lucky enough to see live in concert - 18th December

Jane Fonda - American actress, writer, and former fitness guru and model - 21st December.



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