Business - Top Tips Planning For The New Year

Have you got your New Year's Eve sorted? Planning a big party with family and friends, or a cosy country pub with just the two of you, something different, or like me sat in the comfort of my home with my nearest and dearest, and watching Jools holland annual hogmanay show with a glass of bubbly in hand.
Planning for the year ahead is always exciting, I am a huge fan of planning, writing down my to do lists, my goals and dreams for the new year ahead, and pens and pretty stationery.
For me it is my time to carve out a little bit of me time, to find a quiet corner ( in my mad house can sometimes be well mad ) a chance to light my favourite candle, listen to a little music, cup of tea on hand and plan for my year ahead, time to make a fresh start, that is always filled with the promise of exciting opportunities, important changes to health, wealth, and life.
I feel that planning should be about being inspirational and intentional, its for all the good things you want to feel, its about gratitude and grace, and its about not being perfect, because lets be honest, life never is.
So with all this in mind, I have put together a few top tips to help you...
1) Set aside some me time - start with a planner you have chosen for the year, this year I am using 2 maybe 3 for both my life and business.
1) for personal which will be my Kikki K large personal pink and grey planner, and the happiness planner if I do decide to buy it ( still pondering this one, id love to know your reasons for buying it ) and for business well I have not actually bought my business planner yet, ive pondered re-buying an emily ley, or a danielle Laporte, both which ive had before, or I may even create my own bespoke planner pages, which I have just started to design for my business, I's love to know what business planner you think is absolutely awesome.
Dedicate at least 1 hour, preferably a full morning, afternoon or evening if you can, for you to plan for your year ahead.
Do not feel the need to rush this, take your time to design your dream year, a year that truly fits with how you want to feel, how you want your life to be, make it joyful, arm yourself with your favourite pens, stickers, wash tape, a glass of bubbly, tea, cake, a candle and give yourself the gift of time, relax and enjoy the planning process.
2) Start with your vision - get creative, get really clear and specific on how you want to feel, on what you want to experience, on how you truly want your life to be, dream bigger and brighter than ever before.
Where would you love to go in the world, who would you love to work with, to connect with, do you want your life to be more simple, more calm, more graceful.
Write it all down every single thing, and then plan to make it all happen, and by when if you have specific dates in mind, and plan out the steps you need to take to make your dream life a reality.
3) Create your goals for each season - I don't know about you, but I always have a zillion and one things I want to achieve, and I always have more goals than time.
But not this year, I've learnt from the last few years, thats its to much, and I end up feeling like a failure, so this year I will be doing things differently, I will be realistic about how much time I actually have, and what I can achieve within my working day, my weeks and my upcoming new year.
How about you?
Think about your current commitments aside from work, and plan around them, maybe you can only work on 1 project per month, or 1 every 3 months ( spring, summer, autumn and winter )
However you choose to plan, limit yourself, don't set yourself up to fail, but to flourish, know you can be flexible and that you can change your plans at any time, relax and grow with it.
4) Make connections  -  Ask yourself who can support me in the new year ahead, not just in business, but in life too, who has always been by your side, no matter what, who would you love to work with, to connect with and how will you reach out to them, how will you be putting yourself forward for new opportunities in the new year?
5) Schedule a planning session every couple of months, I do this every 3 months, its my own north star session, where I can come back to my compass and my journey for the year, changes can happen and often do, curveballs can hit your life that throw you off track, and you may have to adjust or reset your goals and dreams.
So make some time to plan regular, give yourself the opportunity to reflect and make any changes you need to along the way, to make sure you are loving life and living the life you have intentionally designed.
Don't put it off, dedicate time in your calendar now!!, chose to do this once a month, or every 3 months ( like I do ) plan and live your life with inspired intention, gratitude and grace, and most of all plan a life that is perfect for you.
Hugs & Wishes
Lisa xx

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