Business - Which Would You Have? Experience And Heart Or Qualifications In The Online World

Hello Lovely ....
Let me ask you a really serious question, One I have pondered over for quite a few months now, especially while I have been gaining my life coaching training and certification, and a question that always sparks a heated debate in the online world, especially facebook.
Do you want heart & experience, a lived through experience that is! or do you want qualifications?
In fact I had such a debate a few weeks ago, I had someone on Facebook tell me because I hadn't got my training quite completed, I could not be a coach, and that I needed at least one, or more qualifications before anyone would take me seriously!
And because I was going to be a new coach, no one would hire me to coach them, or speak at events, because I hadn't had real life experience coaching 1 to 1, or doing public speaking, so how could I be a motivational speaker?
In fact she called me a downright fraud, told me I was misleading people, because I hadn't made my first six figures, or had a huge following on my facebook, or instagram, and because I was still a little fearful of being visible, in the busy world of social media where I feel everyone judges everyone, in my humble opinion anyway...
And let's be real here, we have all judged someone online, and thought OH! they must have it all, the huge bank balance, the right support at home, tons of time to get shit done, time to sleep, time to play, yet none of us really know what's going on behind the scenes, behind someone's computer or closed door.
We don't know if that person has, or has not a team to support their business, a team to sort out their social media and newsletters, a nanny for their kids.
Or they may be just like me, an oridnary girl, who juggles it all, life, kids, housework, hubby, social media, work, and the digs, and nasty comments from family, friends and people who don't know you, but think they do, and think it's ok to pass judgement.
Now those who know me, know that my life has always been about giving my all to help and empower others, a life full of some really shitty, and bloody great curveballs, a life that has been far from easy, but my life and my journey has brought me to the where I am now.
A journey that I have wanted since I was 16, a journey that has led me to discover who I am (still learning) a journey to discover what really sets my soul on fire, and what doesn't.
And I have to say one thing, well a couple in reality, that really hurts my heart, is that in this busy online world, this world of everything social media, this online world of OH! I'm so perfect, my life is perfect, ive got friends that are also business partners etc coming out of my ears, im earning six figures and you can too... I call bullshit... I call fakery...
Because not one of us is perfect, not one of us has a perfect life 24/7
Now I am not saying for one second that some people may indeed have one or more of those things, but for the likes of people like me, the shy, the introverted, the ones yet to find our feet, confidence, and our bloody amazing powers, that weve hidden for years, this quite often isnt the case.
Take business friends, and this is a conversation I have had recently, I am the kind of person, if I class you as a friend, your a friend whether i've know you since I was 2, or if I've met you recently through business... I don't distingusih between the two, I am not built that way, and neither is my heart.
But is this busy online world and life, I have found that yes people are happy to befriend you if  A) you are buying from them, suppoerting their ventures and sharing it far and wide, or B) or if they can do something for you, but they get your business in return/support in return, but you actually still are on the outside looking in...
They don't actually want you as a friend, a friend to hang with over coffee, a friend to brainstorm ideas with, a friend to just laugh with...
And for me I can't do that, I am all about the heart connection, the deep belly laughs, the brainstorming together, the all giving support, the guidance, the advice, the listening ear, the shoulder to cry on and the collaboration.
And I know a lot of women, especially those who work alone, or work from home, find in the online world especially the world of Facebook, that it's a lot of fakery, a lot of networking and building relationships, to get nothing in return.
I have come across other people like me, who value the experience of a lived life, of a life of travelled hardship, a life lived that knows of the problems they are encountering, and living through.
And I ask, is it better to show the online world, which isn't real life, that your world is perfect, to pretend to have it all, to pretend your ok, when your really not, when inside your silently crying.
Or is it better to show the world, both online/social media and in the real outside reality world, the real you, the raw you, the unedited version of you, the one who may need the help, the guidance to look within and find your own answers...
So my question remains.......
Is it better to have a life coach, business coach, mentor, strategist, soul sister, (whatever title you wish to give us) that has qualifications, but no experience in the life you have lived, gone and grown through.....
Or someone who has had the lived through experience of life's bloody great curveballs, and growing pains, and a heart that is big, giving and nurturing, with no qualifications/newly qualified...
Or does it not matter either way, in the busy world of a life lived online..
I would love to know your views... comment below, or reach out to me via my Facebook page here >>
Hugs & Wishes
Lisa x

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