Lifestyle - Celebrating Your Own Success, And Why You Should Too

Hello lovelies, I want to share a secret with you, I don't shout out ever about my own success, why?
Because in the past I have often been dismissive and so critical of my own skill set, and what I can do.
I've procrastinated about things not being perfect enough, so I have redone them, yep I once took apart every single bead and wire piece from a bespoke handcrafted tiara, that had taken me 12 hours to make, because I did not feel 100% happy with it, and I want my clients to feel amazing, so I redid it piece by piece, let me tell you my client was totally happy with the first finished one, but I wasn't.
I also didn't want people to think that I am arrogant or full of myself, if I say I am proud for doing something, as I am neither of those things, I care deeply  about what others think of me, perhaps I shouldn't, but hey it's who I am, I am a heart led and humble person, and I like to be graceful and ladylike in everything I do.
But I have finally come to  realise that I shouldn't feel this way, that I am entitled to feel bloody damn proud of what I can create, and the way I give of myself to others, after all I give 110% of my heart and soul, to every single thing that I do.
I am a huge fan of shouting out about my friends, and fellow industry professionals, I love their products and services, and I don't ever feel guilty or awkward for sharing my love for them, and their success stories, it makes me feel good to do so.
I would never ever dream of telling another person, oh you cannot do that, or no you can't, you're not good enough, or who do you think you are to do that, I always tell others I believe in you, and i am proud of them for their achievements.
And I think its finally time, that us business women and men stop putting ourselves down, we work damn hard at what we do in life and business, whether we work from our small kitchen table, or we have a big company, we need to stop saying oh it's only a little thing, when you have reached your achieved goal.
So I want you to celebrate your successes, go on I dare you...
Shout out  about your achievements, be loud and proud, share them with a friend or work colleague, post them onto your social media, and buy yourself that treat that you promised yourself when you reached this goal, you so deserve it, and you are so worth it.
You will be pleasantly surprised about how many people are happy for you, and let me tell you, YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL & AMAZING, and I've got your back.
So let's all just take a moment to celebrate our successes both big and small, be proud of your achievements, you rock...
Hugs & Wishes
Lisa xx

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