Change Is Not Something To Fear

This past few weeks, I have been thinking a lot about change, maybe because as a person who is still growing into herself, a lot of my thoughts, and thought patterns have changed.

The way I process things, has changed... who knows!

There has been times when my mind, and my body has been so full of anger, betrayal, hurt, fear, stress, and the constant chatter of I can't, what if I'm not good enough, from my mind monkeys, that at one point I thought is there no end to this darkness, to the pain I was feeling, and in fact it has made me physically ill, several trips to the A&E department, with suspected stroke, or heart attack, at the time they weren't sure which,Heavy bleeding, severe tiredness, constant colds, and losing the use of my eyes that were severely swollen, for nearly two weeks due to severe reaction & infection.

The constant stress of caring & worrying about others, and things I could not change, but thankfully, I am ok, my body is getting back to normal, it is now a known fact that trauma, stress, and locked up emotions, can have an impact on your body.

And for someone who doesn't like to be still, and likes to keep busy, it hasn't;t been easy to do as my body, & mind required, but this enforced rest turned out to be exactly what was needed.

Because it made me sit still with my thoughts, with my thought process, and my heart & soul, it made me listen to the whispers of ho I anted to be treated, what I wanted from my life going forward, what I am willing to do, to give, and to be.

It has led me to know that I no longer want stress, anxiety, overwhelm, imposter syndrome, hustle, fear or perfection.

I know change can be a scary arsed thing, and sometimes we don't feel exactly ready for it, it takes intention action, consistency, vulnerability, soul searching.

But and its a big BUT... if you really want to change, like with your whole heart, you need to change your thoughts, your thought process, your mindset, your life, your relationships, your behaviour, your patterns, your boundaries...

You have to change not just for a second, a moment, a day, a week, I mean it's a change that's forever, every single day, even if you don't feel like it, one step at a time

Here's the thing... if you have lived a lifetime of hurt, of trauma, of loss, of heartbreak, negativity, no self love, no self worth, self confidence, self belief, in relationships where you were not valued or loved, then this is going to take time to heal.... FACT!

It's going to take digging deep, it's going to take courageous conversations, it's going to take consistency, it's going to take soul, and a hole lot of gentle love..


But it can be healed, it can be changed....

Here is something you can do today, to start that change for better...



Let me tell you...

1 coaching session won't heal or change you

1 self development book, podcast, website, guru won't heal or change you

Following blog posts or social media won't heal or change you

The power to heal, to change, to rediscover, to reconnect lies with you, it always has..

it's in showing up to do the work, even when it's hard, it's digging deep within, it's listening to the whispers of your soul, and what story they are telling you, it's listening to how you are talking to yourself, what your saying about yourself, how your allowing others to treat you.

It's making the choice to change your mindset, it's taking the time to keep going, and to keep growing, to keep believing, it's forgiving, and loving who you are, even in the darkest of moments.

It's ok to give yourself breathing space...

To think, to cry, to be still, to listen

To do the work required, 1 step at a time...

Be patient with you, with your heart, your soul, the changes you will uncover, and rediscover will be so much more magical than you imagined.

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx

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