Crystal Harmony For Your Home

Crystals have been used for their healing properties for years, Naturally formed by mother nature, they work with our own energy levels, to bring us protection, healing, healing, and they can aid in removing negativity, and ill health.
And used in the home, they can also have an uplifting positive effect, they can help to purify your spaces.
Start by asking yourself what would you like to bring into your home?
Do you want to bring in more love, more peace, abundance, clarity, creativity, protection, once you have trusted yourself and your intuition, to decide what you would like to bring in, you can then start shopping for the crystals that would bring in these positive energies.

For managing the flow & traffic in your home:

Choose Black Tourmaline, or smokey quartz

Do you have lots of people coming into your home?, do you want to maintain a sense of flow and balance in your home, then both of these crystals would work well, because both remove any negative vibes.

For bringing in abundance:

Choose Citrine

If you struggle with your money mindset, or you are wanting to create financial freedom, then Citrine is the ideal crystal, it is known as the gemstone of abundance, and can help you to bring in positivity, and banish the I am not entitled to money, or the flow of abundance, you could place this gemstone on your desk, by your front door, in your bedroom, or anywhere you feel negative towards abundance & money.

For relieving stress:

Choose Blue Lace Agate

This gemstone is an empowering crystal, it helps to dissolve stress, if your feeling drained, or tired and a little negative, it can help you to feel calm & centered, an ideal stone to keep in your pocket as you go about your day, or keep a blue lace agate crystal in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

For a good nights sleep:

Choose Amethyst 

If you suffer from insomnia, or have an overactive mind, amethyst is the ideal crystal for calming you, and aiding you to have a good nights sleep, by placing a crystal under your pillow, or place a crystal by your bedside.

For love & Relationships: 

Choose Rose Quartz

Rose quartz is known as the gemstone of unconditional love and protection.

Which crystal would call to you, which gemstones would you use to bring harmony, health and wellbeing to you, and into your home?

Hugs & wishes

Lisa xx


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