Crystals Every Empath Needs For Protection

Hey Lovely....
Do you ever feel deeply?
Do you always know instantly when something feels off, and your gut is screaming at you that this just doesn't feel right?
Well if so you may just be an empath...
Whats an empath I hear you ask?
Well empaths are spiritual souls that feel everything .... deeply
They are often heart-led, and can also be highly sensitive, or may not be sensitive at all, it depends on that individual, but they can all feel things, and know things.... intuitively...
Empathy can be seen as a challenge, some challenges an empath may face are:
Empaths hold onto emotions & energies given off by other people
Empaths can be sensitive, and their own emotions can be intense
In a crowded or noisy space, empaths can and are often left overwhelmed, and anxious.
Empaths are easily hurt, by the words, judgements, opinions, actions, and reactions of others.
Or being an empath can be seen as a gift, because it allows us to truly understand our own, and other peoples emotions
Many empaths become healers, nurturers, soul workers, light workers, coaches (me included) that go onto helping, and serving others, empaths can, and often do feel the energy of others, and this can have both a negative, and positive impact.
So for an empath it is really important to take care of, and protect yourself, your energy, emotions, and boundaries, as much as they can, so they are not drained by the constant pull of energy on their souls.
Being an empath let me tell you, is no walk in the park, it can be draining, overwhelming, and sometimes a downright pain in the arse... especially when you don't want to be feeling all the feels, or just knowing something is about to happen, but you can't really explain why you feel all the feels, or just know something is about to happen, to other people..
Trust me I have been that person whose family, and friends have looked at me like i'm speaking a totally different language to them, I've been called the crazy woman who thinks she can see and hear ghosts who talk to her, or that she's a witch (I am FYI, but I am only just starting to walk on, and embrace my inner witch, and my witchy journey, and I have always heard others voices, and yes seen a ghost)
Crazy or not, I am an empath, and I fully own it..
So if you even think you could be, or you are an empath, and you have difficulty separating your own emotions and energy from those around you, or while you are working with others.
Then crystals (semi precious gemstones) can and do help you, they can be a fabulous way to protect your own mind, your own heart, energy and soul
Crystals can and do help to keep you grounded and not anxious or overwhelmed, they help you set and keep your own boundaries not just for yourself, but to protect your boundaries with other people, they help to banish and absorb any negative energies, and they can also help to keep your aura cleansed, and crystals can enhance your on healing.
Here are some recommendations of crystals that as an empath you can use to keep your soul vibes high, and the negative energy and emotions at bay.


A gemstone of harmony & calm, this can inspire a deep inner peace, and deeper intuitive abilities 

Black Tormaline:

A gemstone that protects personal energy.


A gemstone that can help to balance your emotions, and that can help you to find clarity.


A gemstone that has a powerful reflection quality, thanks to it's mirror like finish, it helps to strengthen your aura, and it reflects harmful energies, it is a gemstone that is good for soothing your emotions, and keeping you calm, and centred.


This gemstone increases the power of any nearby crystals, it helps to ease anxiety which is a common problem for empaths, and this gemstone can also aid with restful sleep.

Rose Quartz:

This is one of my favourite gemstones, a beautiful soft pale pink crystal that is associated with the heart, and the heart chakra, it is the gemstone of love, and compassion, and it can help to soothe you, it can help you to remain calm, and balanced, and is such a gorgeous gemstone for soul self love and positive energy.
Keep these gemstones near you, have them on your desk, on your bedside drawers, keep them in your bra (yes it's a thing) hold them in your hands, or meditate with them to experience all of the positive and healing effects that these gorgeous gemstones can bring to you.
If you know someone who is, or who may think they are an empath, please feel free to share this article with them, From this my website page, my facebook page @Lisa Martin Coaching, or my Instagram page @Lisa Martin Coaching, if you think it could help them, and their energy to have, and keep a positive, protected, and happy mind, body, and soul.
Hugs & Wishes
Lisa xx 

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