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Hey Lovely,

Welcome to the month of March, how fast is this year going already?

Anyway I digress, did you know that the month of March actually has 5 birthstone gemstones or crystals, you can choose what you would like to call them..



Yes, that's right five, well in my opinion you can never have to many scrumptious gemstones  right?

For the longest time the colour green has been associated with March, but yet despite this, the colour blue is also associated with March, as a modern alternative, this was added in the 20th century.

Aquamarine the modern gemstone, is a soothing calming stone, it encourages you to help others, to share your voice, it gives peace of mind, it is said it strengthens organs & sight,  it promotes creativity, and folklore states that sailors carried aquamarine as a good luck & safekeeping charm, to protect them against drowning.

Bloodstone, This is the first traditional birthstone for March, this gemstone is thought to boost clarity, vitality, motivation, courage and confidence whilst being a calming stone, that can help you to overcome obstacles, bullying, and adversity, this ancient birthstone was once recognised by many European and asian cultures.

Gold Shiva Lingham, Ancient Hindu culture also considered this highly sacred gemstone, as a birthstone for March, and Hinduism states that this gemstone was never intended to be cut up, and placed into jewellery.

Jade, This is the ancient Tibetan birthstone for March, a stone of serenity, wisdom, calm, fertility, and protection, it is also said this gemstone is a talisman for your dreams.

Red Jasper, Was another gemstone that was considered as a birthstone for March, this gemstone helps to relive stress, it has a grounding and protective energy, this is a stone that encourages control, and promotes passion for your work.

Which one of these would you consider your gemstone for the month of March, I'd love to know, so feel free to reply to this blog post, and let me know your thoughts.

Hugs & Wishes

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