Mindset - How To Get Soul Naked And End 2018 with I'm Enough!

You are the kind of person who finds it easy to open up your soul, to another person, letting them into your spirit, thoughts, feelings. fears, desires and your future hopes & dreams.
2018 is coming to an end quicker than a firework, and personally I cannot wait, the desire to start afresh each year hits me with a bang, the desire to have a fresh clean slate, and to put the past behind me, in the hope that this next year will be better.
Whose with me on this one?
The thought that 2019 will be an exciting new chapter, a new adventure to explore with new challenges can be a source of joy, but it can also be a source of stress and strain, if you are still carrying the baggage from previous years.
However there is a way to make 2019 the best year yet, and that in itself is enough, in fact your perspective, your moods and your current situations can change in a matter of minutes, if not seconds, trust me I know this firsthand.
I will say personally for me, I have decided that 2019 is going to be my best year yet, partly because it's my big champagne birthday.... where i'll be clebrating my big....5-0 and I cannot wait to celebrate this milestone in my life, and make my next 30 years plus the best ever!!....Who wants to come join me and celebrate with me?
And partly because i'm setting up my own vision for my future life, and if all these things i'm planning happen, I will be a transformed, empowered woman, something I havent been for a very very long time.
So with my future plans in place and grace in my heart, I am so excited to guide you, to inspire you, and to support you with your golas for the rest of this year, and for 2019 and beyond, even if you don't know what they are yet!, that's ok  remember rome wasn't built in a day.
But in order for this to happen... it starts now... while 2018 is still with us....
So how do you make 2019 your best year yet?..... it sounds so simple, and that's because it is simple.
And all you have to do is get NAKED.... no not the kind of snuggling up to your partner naked ( although thats your choice ) but when I say get naked, I mean the getting naked at a deeper level, you know the deep down soul naked with yourself!
The kind of soul naked that makes you feel raw, vunerable, beautiful, sexy, and complicated under your layers of skin, bone and your own damn emotions, you know the ones you've been hiding, so that you can finally start to be true to you, you know the heart, soul and the core of you.
Try these questions on for size.....
1) Do you have something in your life, that if you could fix, if so how would you fix it? or do you have something in your life you would make completely disappear? how would you make it disappear?
How would this make you feel?
2)What causes you stress, discomfort or is a source of shame in your life?
Journal on this, and write down your thoughts and feelings as you do so.
How does writing these things down make you feel?
3) What's your greatest frustration?
I know you would rather walk across a bed of nails or hide within within yourself, than open up to yourself,or to those you hold close, family friends etc,  I mean really open up like you never have before, not just scratching the surface of you, but the deep down inner you, that you have hidden away for so long, that you have forgotten what you actually look like, or really feel like.
However if you truly want a clean slate and truly want to be totally and unconditinally true to yourself, you have to put your ass on the line... and get totally and completely vunerable AKA soul naked....
This past year I have been practising my own vunerability, in the hope I will inspire others to do the same thing.
In order to up my game, i'm showing you what i've been hiding under my clothes..
So here goes...time for me to get completely and utterly soul naked with you...
I have been hiding my true self for nearly 45 years, ive been hiding under a blanket covered in deep trauma that i'm still uncovering, drama, and deep down soul searing heartache, and throughout all these years not ever loving myself as I should, and I feel so completely vunerable and soul naked sharing that with you, because up until now ive never shared how I feel with anyone, not even those I love, but that all changes from today...
I have decided I don't want to hide anymore, I don't want to hide my inner light, my true soul self, I don't want to hide my thoughts, feelings or emotions, and boy is it a pandoras box of tricks to be slowly uncovered, and layers peeled back, it's going to a vunerable, soul searching ride for me to do, but a ride I need to take in order for me to step into my own self acceptance.
The heartache, drama and trauma of my past, present and future has been and will continue to be a part of me, but it will no longer define me or what I am able to do, so I will also ask myself these 3 questions.
As ive let my past and present consume me and stress me out instead of facing it head on, ive hidden from how ive really been feeling, my thoughts and emotions, and i've gotten angry, so damn bloody angry, i've let it disconnect me from what I wanted from my life, from the people I love, and my relationships with other people.
I let it it stop me from never fully trusting another person with knowing the true soul self of me, and I don't want to feel ashamed of my past, my choices, my decisions I may have to make, for me and my family, I don't want to be judged by my outer shell anymore, for it's just a mirror for someone who has spent so long hurting and hiding.
My true soul self is a shining light for others, a giver with my whole heart, someone who loves to laugh, and work hard, a person who loves big always, if I love you, I do so with my whole heart, if I trust you with my soul as a friend, your a friend for life, there is no half measures with me, I say it how it is, I talk to much about nonsense when im nervous, I blush when im nervous and I sob when im angry.
But this is me, it's who I truly am body, soul and mind, I am letting my past, trauma, drama and heartache go, it no longer serves me and I don't want it to have power over me any longer, I cannot change the past, or the present, but I can damn change my future....
It's time for a change, time to get real, time to get really raw and vunerable, and it's finally time to take my courage by the balls... so I can gain my confidence, and my visibility back.... it's time to start 2019 with a bang.... and make it my best year yet!
So my lovelies, ..... let's start a damn rebel revolution to make a change, a revolution to be our own sassy selfs, a revolution to finally start being true to our soul selfs and a revolution to let our souls be our guiding compass in life, it knows the way, we just need to be guided...
So let's be brave and bold souls, no more hiding, no more feeling ashamed, no more feeling worthless... because beautiful you are amazing and worth much more than you know...
Let's make a toast to 2019 being the year you put you first, the year you finally start being true to you, the year you put your heart and soul to work for you.
Give yourself the gift of you this season, and get soul naked, face your fears, and say yes to making a change, and making you, and your own damn dreams come true, ill be there to catch you, if you stumble along the way...
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Hugs & Wishes
Lisa xx

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