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Hey lovelies, do you ever wish you could just dream the day away? I know there are days that I do.

Days just to be creative, to play, to be silly just for the fun of it?

So tell me what is stopping you? don't you think you deserve to take a moment to just breathe, to take the time to slow down, the time to close your eyes and just dream, you know the kind, the big dreams you had as a child.

So my lovely, why dont you take a moment, just for you, time to find your favourite place, and allow yourself to find your inner wild child, your inner wild grace, and your inner dreamer, and to lose yourself in the moment.

So get creative, be visual and create yourself a vision/dream board, Pinterest is perfect for this, or make a virtual one and get messy with glorious colours, with glitter, glue sparkles and paper, don't hold back, dream your biggest dreams.... no rules just let your inner child roam free.



It's time to allow yourself to be a little wild every day, dance & sing around your living room, run barefoot in your garden whilst the dewdrops are still shining, be a little naughty, laugh out loud with your best girlfriend, let your inner light shine bright, sparkle your way through the day.

Do something you have always wanted to do, take those risks, life is for living, enjoy all the small imperfect moments, love the small details, go skydiving, swim naked in the sea under the moonlight, read that book, go to New York at christmastime and enjoy the festive magic, write that novel.

It is your life and we don't have the luxury of tomorrow, we only ever have today, so live your life how you really want to.

Not one of us can predict the future, so let yourself re-connect with your passions and your inner dreams.

Do not let other's tell you how to live, what to believe in, you are your own unique soul, and this is about you, your hopes and your wildest dreams, so hold onto them, run with them & allow yourself to enjoy your own journey.

Don't dream in colour for others, dream for you...

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx

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