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Hey lovelies, November already wow where has this year gone...

November for me, always has a feeling of change, the seasons moving, the weather getting colder, the nights drawing in, for me it has always been a time of magic ( getting closer to christmas yay ) and a time for new beginnings and letting go of the past.

I always do my last north star business session in November, where I plan what still needs to be done to end the year, and I plan out my goals for the new year.

This months birthstones Citrine & Topaz fit beautifully for starting afresh and soothing one's soul, both can be similar in colour ranging from the oranges of autumn, to bright sunshine yellow, this makes them easily confused, but there are clear differences in both...


Citrine Facts

Citrine has very striking golden, yellow, sometimes burnt umber tones and hues, Citrine gemstones can also form together with amethyst or smoky quartz to form a bi- coloured gemstone called ametrine.

Citrine has been worn and adored since ancient times, and gained mass popularity in the 18th and 19th centuries, the name citrine comes from the french word "Citrin" meaning lemon, the ancient romans used it to make beautiful jewellery, and intaglio work and some roman priests had the gemstones made into rings.

The greeks carved images into the stones, and others used citrine for luck, as it holds a resemblance to topaz, many believed that this precious quartz gemstone, held the same healing properties as topaz ( which is a calming & prosperous stone )

Citrine is now a very popular stone in its own right, as it is thought to encourage imagination, creativity, wealth, and positive energy.

Most Citrine comes from Brazil, but can also be found in the mountains of Russia, in the dauphine France, and in Madagascar.

Citrine Meaning

Image with meaning:



Topaz has long been one of my favourite gemstones, I just love the clarity of the blue colour and the soothing sensation it always gives me. 

Topaz Facts

Topaz is well known for it's soothing and healing energy, and it can also help to inspire creativity.

The name Topaz, comes from the sanskritt and means fire, and it can range in colour from blue, to yellows, and can be found in Russia, Australia, Nigeria, Pakistan, Sweden, Italy, Brazil, and Japan, amongst other places.

Topaz Meaning

image of meaning.

These women also share November Birthdays:

Whoopi Goldberg - America actress, comedian, author and TV host - 13th Noverber

Scarlett Johanson - American actress, model and singer - 22nd November

Miley Cyrus - American singer, songwriter and actress - 23rd November

If you love your healing crystals, you cannot go wrong with either of these ones in your wardrobe.

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx


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