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Hi my lovelies, I don't know about you, but vision boards are something I have heard a lot about, but I have never actually yet created my own, and I love to be inspired by looking at other peoples, I can get seriously hooked for hours on pinterest, checking out all the pretty vision boards, inspiration boards and mood boards on there.

But thats all about to change, as I have treated myself to a christmas present treat to myself, and on the 6th January 2019 I am going to be spending a full emersive day, full of yummy treats, a little yoga, lots of me time to think and reflect, wonderful women who empower each other to finally create my own future life vision board for 2019 and the years ahead, with the wonderful Lisa Mmcurty. you can find out more about her vision board workshops on Facebook.

In today's busy world it can be downright difficult to stay focused, or to find the time to really plot your dreams, your wants and your needs from the depths of your soul, to make them a reality.

But finding the time for you, for your dreams is just as important as looking after and giving to other people, after all you cannot give fully from an empty cup, trust me ive learnt this the hard way.

And by you reading this post, at this very minute, demonstrates that you want that time to finally focus on you, and your future dreams, even if it is only for a little time, because you know your soul want's something more in your life.

If like me you have never created a vision board before, or you haven't revamped your current vision board for the year ahead, I have a few simple steps to help you get started...

List of things you will need to make a physical vision board:

Magazines or books

Cork board, blank canvas ( painting canvas) large piece of card, to place your images onto to.

Glue, pins, scissors, pretty washi tape, any other decorative bits you may want to use, printer paper/ or card if you are printing images from your computer

If you want to create a virtual/digital/ online vision board:

Canva or picmonkey photo collage template (you can get both of these as a free resource)

Blank word document

Private pinterest board

1) Set the mood to create your board, find a quiet space if you can, i often take myself to our bedroom, light your favourite candle, or listen to your favourite music, meditate, sing, dance, whatever gets you relaxed, reflective and ready to dream big, or go on a full emersion day, like I am, but most of all keep an open mind, and dream bigger and brighter than you've ever dared to before, this is your chance to dream your future life with no limits or boundries.

2) Ask yourself this one important question... what does my heart & soul truly want and desire, not what your sensible head tells you.. dream bigger, dream brighter than ever here, what have you always wanted, where have you always wanted to go, this is your dream bucket list, if money, time or commitments were not an issue, what inspires you, empowers you, uplifts you, this is your chance to dream and create your future life.. because it starts and ends with you.

3) Choose your categories... make your vision board truly reflect you and intentional, zero in on what makes your heart soar and your soul fly, what to do you want to feel, believe and achieve, for example, I will have my business dreams, health & fitness, travel, love, home, family and friendships on my vision board.

4) Collect images.. let yourself imagine & dream by creating & collecting images that move you, inspire you, empower you, uplift you, make you laugh and bring joy to your heart, I love pinterest for this, use whatever lifts your soul, and print out any images you want to use, or pin them to your virtual vision board.

5) Add a motivating or empowering statement, phrase or word for the year to your vision board, for example, the word for me in 2019 is growth, and this will be pinned to the centre of my vision board, as it will be central to everything I do in 2019.

6) Look at your vision board daily.. this is where the magic key lays to creating a vision board that truly works for you, and let your sub- concious mind think and reflect on your words and images, let it generate the things you have placed upon your vision, and bring them to life... But remember the universe will only give out what you sub-conciously give out and what you think and feel, law of attraction and all that jazz... positive out, brings positive in.. 

7) it's up to you if you decide to do a 10 year, a 5 year, an anuual of a monthly vision board, I will be creating a yealy vision board to keep on my desk, and on my pinterest board, but I will also be creating a monthly vision board spread to keep in my planner at the beginning of each and every month throughout 2019.

8) Review your board, you are constanly evilving as a person, so is your mindset and moods, thoughts and feelings, and therefore so will your vision for your future life.. but whatever you do make sure you keep believing in you, and your dreams, both you and them are worth it... always remeber this..

Here is a small snippet of my vision board for my future life in 2019, I hope it helps



I would love to see what you create, so feel free to post a link or comment below.

Hugs & wishes

Lisa xx

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