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Perfection Doesn't Exist, Choose Authentic



On the blog this week, I wanted to talk about being Authentic, about being a genuine soul, and why I choose grace over perfection every single time now.

Because for a lot of years, well for 48 and a half years of my life, I have had no self worth, no self acceptance, I was always telling myself I was not, and am not good enough, beautiful enough or worth anyones time or energy.

Never feeling quite good enough!

I believed all of this, and a lot more, it has affected me and my life, more than I can say, and I believe to some extent, we are all guilty of doing this to ourselves at some point.

For me the negative self talk, helped me to give in to years of hidden pain, self abuse ( starvation and nearly killing myself, anxiety, being my own bully) and abuse from others, as a child, and still as an adult, I've gone through the pain and trauma of having a parent not loving me, or wanting anything to do with me, he still doesn't and it hurts, from suffering sexual abuse from a family friend, from aged 5 to 8,  from being severely bullied and nearly dying at the hands of my bullies from aged 5 to 15, and as an adult both sexual and mental abuse from former partners, these are just some of the battles I have fought and come through, not unscathed I have to say.

Saying No More Takes Courage, Choose You

 But that all changed after few events happened in a short space of time, to make me crumble from the inside, but it took my walls breaking to find my inner light, to really find the magic inside of me, and it made me want to be a stronger, more humble and graceful, and downright authentic and genuine soul, ive always been loving, kind and loyal, but mostly to other people, never to myself, so this last year and a half, ive spent a lot of time working on my own sense of self, and my own personal development, emotional wellbeing, and just allowing myself to breathe.

I am now feeling my inner light, my inner girl goddess shining through ( she's there inside all of us) I work on my mindset and myself each day, I know it won't be an easy ride, I will always have the devil on one shoulder, I am not perfect, but that's ok, as I don't want to be, you see I don't believe perfect exists.

I believe we are all a work in progress, and I will continue to love myself better each and every day, and I will continue spreading my light, to inspire and empower others too, because I believe this stuff, the taboo subjects, the feelings we all have of not being good enough, the subject of abuse both physical, sexual and mental, mental health, addiction of all kinds, need to be talked about, not hidden away in a dark corner, or talked about in shushed tones and in secret rooms, as they are not something any of us should be ashamed of.

Choosing Authentic and What It Actually Means:

How do we know we are living in our own authentic, genuine soul truth, and that we are living and being the very best versions of ourselves.

1) Being Authentic means being original, and not a carbon copy of someone else

2) We choose to live our lives and in a way that is based on our own factual truth, and being true to our own souls.

3) Being responsible for our own actions, thoughts, feelings and what we do about these.

Choosing Authentic over perfect means being real, it means laying your soul bare to your own truth and how you want to live your own life, not how you think you should live, act or feel, you are not and never have been responsible for anyone else's actions, thoughts, or feelings, just your own, it has taken me years to realise this, thank god I finally have.

But I know everyday, I'll still worry over how others percieve me and my actions, and how I am now choosing to live my life, how I am choosing me over others, how I am letting my spirituality guide me, and my heart will never allow me to stop caring, and asking will they still dont want to talk to me, will they like me, I am not sure if this is still that scared little girl inside, or if im just made that way to care deep, and love big.



I know I want to be my authentic self, I believe we all do, and lots of people that inspire me, are totally living in their authentic and genuine soul magic truth, and are shouting it from the rooftops, but it takes a huge amount of being vunerable, and courageous to show up as being authentic all the time, and in all situations, especially if your not there yet.

In fact I can't in all honesty say even in the last 48 hours, I have done or said something that was 100% from my own authentic soul truth, instead I have fitted in and still acted in a way to please others, how about you, can you honestly say in the last 48 hours, you've been your own authentic self 100%. I bet you havent have you? if you have I'd love you to email me with how you have lived your totally 100% authentic soulful truthful self, go on I dare you!

I believe in today's society we are all under pressure, hidden and otherwise, to say or to do something to please others instead of  being our true selves, ( The work from home, wearing PJ bottoms girl) but hey there's always a nice filter to cover that, or skype to hide your bottom half, no one will know right?

Dont get me wrong i'd love to showcase my life as a pretty picture, with not a thing out of place at home, my make up done all nice, my hair perfectly curled and wearing a pretty dress and heels, and sharing my orignal quotes in a professional manner, but my life isnt truly like that, whose is?

But mine certainly isnt, and I no longer want to feel inferiour or do myself a disservice, or give others a false impression of me and my life, I want to live my authentic soulful truth and in all it's details both good and bad from now on, I plan on being real, raw, unfiltered and honest, because it should be ok to do that, and for me now this is the only way forward, for my own self worth and self belief, but I always want you my followers, and customers to know the real me, the unfiltered me, the real face behind Lily Grace, and I truly would rather know the real, raw, unfiltered you.

Choosing to live your soulful truth takes a lot of courage and practice, and it takes you knowing yourself inside and out, it takes knowing what your soul values are, and what really matters to you is, its about knowing what your boundries are, and what you are willing to say is ok, and definately whats not ok for you is.

How To Live Your Own Authentic, Genuine Soul Truth

Who is going to do this with me, every single day.

1) Truly get to know yourself, inside and out, know what makes your heart sing, what truly matters to you, what sets your soul on fire, what you want to feel, how you want to live, and how you want to show up in the world, its time to let you light shine brightly.

2) Live with courage daily, start small, say no to something you would usally say yes to, say yes to that thing youve always wanted to do, no matter how much it scares you, wear a red lipstick if youve always wore pale pink, wear a dress if your always in jeans, take yourself for a coffee if you sit in the house all day, say hi to someone you've always wanted to say hi to, it's all in the little details, that turn into big things and before you know it, you've got the courage of a lion.

Whatever you do, I know finally living your own authentic genuine soul truth is two things, absolutley flipping scary, like out your head, skin tingling scary, but it is also freeing, positive, and so bloody shout worthy amazing, that you cant help but smile so wide, I promise you, its the best path to take, you just need to practice taking that first step.

If you need some help on finding that hidden you, and you want unlock your hidden you, your beautiful magic and living to be the very best version of you, then book a soul chemisrty call with me, as id love to join you on your walk, and we'll take the first step together.

Hugs & Wishes












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