Soul Power Book Club

I don't know about you, but I love to be creative, to write stories from my imagination, to read, to delve into the pages of a book, to lose myself in the magic of the pages of written text, the adventures within, even if only for a little while.
And last night whilst I was singing a made up lullaby story (the magic of the midnight sky) to my granddaughter at 11:30 pm because she couldn't sleep, I thought about sharing my love of creating stories, and my love of books...
So here it is.. The Soul Power book club has arrived.....
The book club will encompass creativity, soul, spirituality, law of attraction, personal development, where to find it, how to tap into it with your subconscious mind, practical tips, inspiration, or just because I have loved it (even if it is off topic) and maybe even a little light hearted fantasy, or romance fiction (I love a little of both)
I shall be sharing the books I am choosing to read on a monthly basis, I'd love for you to join me, that way you will have time to grab yourself a copy, of what we are reading, and have time to have a think about what you can or will apply from the book to you, your life, or your business.
I will primarily be discussing the books over in my Facebook group but I may also discuss them on my blog and over on my instagram page at, you can hop onto any and leave a comment or a question.
The success of the book club will be determined by you, and how you join in, and connect, but my hope is you will, and I hope you will find it helpful, and a little inspiring.
If you have any books on topic (or off) that you have read, loved, found inspiring, helpful etc, and would like to share in the group, please do so, and we may choose to read that next time!
The first book we are reading, and discussing to start of the Soul Power book club, will be The Goddess Revolution by Mel Wells.
Its available buy on or any good bookshop.
It addresses the struggle we all may have with our diets, food, body image, and weight.
I am actually re-reading it at the moment (its a couple of years old) as when I first read it, it spoke to my heart at the time, and since I am about to embark on the journey to a healthy and fitter me, I wanted to rediscover it, and reconnect to those parts of the book that spoke to me the first time around.
I hope you may find it useful, I shall be doing a facebook live, where I shall be discussing the book, my thoughts etc on Wednesday the 5th February 2020 over in my group I would love it, if you would join us, all are welcome.
We can discuss your thoughts, insights, and reactions, and how you might use the information in the book, within your own life.
My group is gentle, heart led, encouraging, and all about rediscovering who you are, and reconnecting & coming home to YOU, your soul, your ideas, your goals, your passions, and your purpose.
Please feel free to ask to join the group, it is open to all women, especially if you are feeling lost or overwhelmed.
Hugs & Wishes
Lisa x

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