Soul Proof Your Day

Hey lovelies,


Would you know what I was talking about if I asked you, Do you have personal boundaries?

Which is why I wanted to do this particular blog post, because I think it's helpful for all, but especially those of us, who have had past trauma, or who work from a corner of our living rooms, the ones who dreamed of making our own rules, being able to work from our soul agenda, and having more freedom, and being around for our family, and other life commitments.

Yet it doesn't always work out this way, because you can if you don't have boundaries & mutual respect with your family, for the life you want, how you want to be treated, the hours you set yourself for working on, and in your business, it can lead to frustration, and feeling like you've failed

Especially if your still the one running around like a headless chicken, doing all the housework, the cooking, cleaning, being mum and all that entails, and the demands of everyone around you

Or you decide oh I'll just have a quick cuppa, and you realise several hours later, that it turned into a netflix marathon, whoops...



It's time to put some soul & balance into your day, whilst still remaining productive, yes it can be done....

Heres How:

* It may seem daft, but "Make Your Bed" it only takes a few seconds to do, but it stops that temptation of I'll just get back into bed for a few more minutes, because you won't want to mess up the bed, you've just made...

* Gift yourself some soul time, We don't usually get up, dive straight out of bed, and drive to work in our pjs (Well some might, but not usually) so don't do it when you work from home, Take some time to come round gently, to have a shower with your favourite shower gel, to make yourself a cup of tea, or coffee, go out into the garden & ground yourself, listen to the birdsong, do a spot of journaling, meditation, yoga, reading, whatever makes you smile, and makes you feel alive & ready for the day ahead.

*Check in with your soul, this is you setting your soulful intentions for each day, your opportunity to say, I believe I will make a difference today, a sale today, I am going to take creative action today, I am proud of how I achieved this today, this is your chance to create a soul affirmation for the day, or throughout the day, I have mine set up as daily reminders on my phone, so every two hours my phone will ping, with a new affirmation that makes me smile, and keeps me motivated.

* Create a main master to do list, but may I suggest you only have 1 main/bigger task for each day, and 2/3 smaller tasks per day, nothing leads to overwhelm, and procrastination more than a never ending to do list....

Break it down into due dates, into smaller chunks of time, into small action steps, that lead to the final outcome, IE: write my book, could become, today I will write 200 words by 12 noon

Something else I do, is reward myself for my main goals, such as a small treat for each chapter finished, a new outfit for the book launch for my completed book, lunch out at the end of the month for achieving all on my list for that month, they don't have to be big, or expensive treats, but it is important to celebrate you, and your achievements.

* Have a I did notebook, This is where at the end of each day, you record all that you did, everything goes on this list, from doing the shopping, to cooking a meal, to playing with your kids, helping a friend, completing stuff on your master list, everything you achieved, or overcame that day, the small stuff, as well as the bigger stuff, it's so easy to forget just how much, we do each day, or say oh that it was nothing...

* Take regular soul breaks, IE: Morning tea in the garden, a walk around the block, 15 minutes reading a book, it's so important for our mental, emotional & physical health & wellbeing.

* Know your own energy, IE: when are you more productive, when are you more energised, when are you more inspired? are you a morning person, someone who loves the afternoon energy, or a night owl?

Work with, and within your own energy rhythms, whenever possible, it makes so more more sense, than trying to force yourself to work when you actually don't have the energy to do so.

* Soul Batching, Seriously, I thanked my angel guides for this one, it was only when I decided to try and work with & within my own energy levels, after months of serious overwhelm, of darkness, and no energy, and struggling, that I realised I had my best moments, my most inspired moments, and moments of productiveness in a morning

Early mornings to be precise, as currently I'm awake anywhere between 3am and 6am, so I take this time, whilst the rest of the household is still asleep,  to do do non business stuff, like my soul journal practice, my meditation & grounding practice, a little movement (I hate exercise, but love to dance) before I start to get my little one ready for school and out the door for 8.30, and before my actual office day starts at roughly 9.15am

My first task is always check my emails, which I only check twice a day, once in a morning, and early evening, I have dedicated days for topics within my business, so admin/creating content & graphics, are usually a Monday, Blog posts/articles/writing is a Tuesday, Clients are a Wednesday, Thursday is my day for the goddess within me, it could be a pamper day, a day for creativity, catching up with a friend, a do nothing day, this is my time out day, Fridays are for personal development, the weekends I use for catching up, or family time, and I don't work in the evenings any more as by then my batteries have started to drain.

It has been a necessity for me to create work, and life boundaries, which I will be honest I resisted at first, but not having any created conflict for me, because I would happily work 24/7 on my soul work, and resentment on all sides, because I felt unsupported in my dreams.

So boundaries are essential, yours, and your families, to ensure you are all on the same page, and that you don't get overwhelmed, this is your life, only you know what works for you.

But for me, I have found that working from my soul, my energy levels, and some balance, has helped me create harmony in my life & business.

If you find this blog post to be of interest, and you know someone else would love it, or find it helpful, please feel free to pass it on, **link back to my original post though**

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx




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