Business - An Evening Routine That's Easy To Do

We all know having a good morning routine is essential for a happy and productive day, but if you are not a morning person, which I am most definitely not without lots of green tea first, so how about switching it up, and having an evening routine instead, perfect for the night owls like myself.

My Evening Routine 

My evening routine roughly starts at 5.30pm with the chaos of family tea, 2-3 sittings for various family members with different diet requirements, kitchen tidy and washing machine loading, then at around 7pm its putting little legs to bed and her bedtime routine, quick house tidy, catch up with hubby over a cuppa, phew then its time for me to plan my next day, the first thing I do is have my daily soak in the bath and into my pjs.


How I prepare For The Next Day

The First thing I do is check my priority to-do list which normally has 2-3 major projects or tasks, and 2-3 smaller tasks, and my long list of to do's for both life and business, whether its school stuff for little legs, any medical appointments, general shopping, house stuff, or for my business for which I wear all the hats, so from doing photography, parcel wrapping, new product listing, social media/blog content etc, I will get any tools and materials or supplies gathered together and close at hand, I have a drawer in my desk and a wicker basket in my office particularly for this task.


Notes & To-Do, Write It Down

I am a big fan of journalling, lists and note taking in general, I am definitely a pen and pretty paper & stationery girl, as I always have a zillion ideas floating around in my head at any given time ( I call this my mad mind monkey) from what I need to do for family commitments such as school and hospital appointments, and what I need to do business wise for all of my businesses from blog content to product and new idea deadlines, meetings & networking.

So I keep a daily journal and my notes & big ideas notebook for this exact purpose, one of each of my bedside cabinet and one of each on my desk at all times and they have categories such as blog/social media ideas and to do, family & life, Business and me & self development, and I always write in my journal what I am thankful for each day, both the small things and the large.

Sweet Dreams & Sleep

Before I head off into the land of nod and sweet dreams, I now use my essential oil diffuser, and an essential oil blend called peace, which has done wonders for my emotional wellbeing, and being able to nod off and finally get some sleep, But then I always do something that everyone tells you not to do before sleeping, but hey I've never followed the rules...

I always have a 10-30 min browse on Pinterest, I find it soothes my mind and looking at pretty and inspiring images light up my soul.

So there it is, my evening routine that keeps me motivated inspired and ready to take on another day, it may not work for everyone, but it does for me.

I would love to hear your routines or rituals for your best and most productive day, how do you plan for it, pop a comment below.

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx










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