Business - Five Ways To Get Planner Organised

Hey lovelies, and welcome to a new year, I am thrilled to have you all here.
If you are like me, and love being organised, have so many to do lists on the go, and love a pretty planner, then read on.
I always buy myself a new business planner, and for this year ive bought....and I always buy a personal home planner, this year i'm using my Kiki K blush pink and grey large personal planner.
 Have you  bought yours yet  for the upcoming year ahead ? to make your lives more organised, to do what matters the most and to do it all with style and grace.i'd love to know which ones you have decided on, send me an email with your choice and why, or comment below.
I hope you use your planners, to carve out time and space, to plan for the days, weeks and months ahead.
Remember you planner is meant to be used, not just sat on your desk gathering dust, sit down each week ( I use a Sunday evening ) and make a date with yourself, to plan for your week ahead, your top 3 priority's, your to do list etc.
So in preparation for the new year ahead, I've got five tips for using your planner, I hope they help you, as much as they help me, and id love for you to comment and share on my Facebook page how you use your Planners.
Tip 1
When you get your new planner, sit down with a cup of tea/coffee and a nice pretty new pen, and put in all the important dates first, Such as birthdays, anniversary's for family and friends, for the entire year ahead ( I always add mine to both the month to view and the actual day of pages )
Tip 2
Write down any reminders, example : two weeks before term, buy uniform or school supplies, Two weeks before important gift days, i.e.: mothers/fathers day, Buy gifts, I always have a separate business planner and in this I always plot my year ahead and do the same so for the arrival of the planners, I know a month or two before to start a soft launch to let you my customers know they will soon be here, christmas always starts in September etc.
Tip 3
Schedule in any holidays booked or planned for the year ahead, any appointments or meetings you have, or know you need to make, be prepared ! plan your year ahead.
Tip 4
For me one of the most important, especially for a busy mum or the female entrepreneur, and something I think us women very rarely do ! Make a date with you !
Yes self care is important, something I have learned how to do within the last year, so make a date to have a pamper session, lunch with a friend, a quiet coffee with your favourite book, a walk through your favourite park, or even just a soak in the bath with lit candles to sooth your soul, whatever this may be for you, schedule at least one a week into your planner.
Tip 5
And lastly get creative, pretty up your planner, its meant to be used, so whatever your way is from pretty wash tape, to bold and bright pens, cute stickers, pencil doodles, make it yours ! and remember to post images of your planner to my Facebook wall, id love to see how you use yours.
Hugs & Wishes
Lisa xx

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