Monthly Oracle Card Reading

Monthly Oracle Card Reading

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Allow yourself to be inspired by angelic & oracle wisdom, to nurture & nourish your heart, mind & soul, the angels & oracle cards and the messages/guidance I receive, are here to remind you, you are never alone.

All angelic & oracle card readings include a special healing & empowering gemstone  gift (This will vary) sent via post after your session, to remind you, you always have an angel/guide by your side in life.
Intuitive soul led angelic & oracle card readings, with cards mixed from several oracle decks 

*Single card readings will be from one deck only*

Designed to offer you guidance, insight, inspiration, reassurance, messages of support, from the angelic & oracle realm, to empower you in this journey called life.

They do not predict the past, present or future, and all readings are personal to you, focusing around the question/questions you have chosen to ask 
**If you haven't chosen any, I will do a general reading**

Connecting with angels & guides gives you access to clearer insights from a place of heart-led love & healing energy.

I also offer readings which can be done in tandem with moon magick & energy healing, for more information on this check out the the Soul Alchemy product 

With the use of angelic & oracle cards, combined with my empath nature, I intuitively receive guidance to help you in the areas you want to focus on, from discovering your soul purpose, to clearing up negativity, fears, and limiting beliefs & blocks.

I offer several soul sessions for your angelic guidance & oracle card readings

*Please note I don't do yes or no answers, Timing questions, legal questions of any kind, as I am not a trained lawyer, I don't do medical/health/pregnancy
/conception readings of any kind, as I am not a doctor, nor a trained medical professional, Past lives/life after death, or loved ones passed over, as it is not my area of speciality, any political matters, I am not a politician, any other questions I deem inappropriate...

Card readings do not predict the past, present, or future, or specific timings, yes or no questions, nor do they replace professional legal,  or medical advice, nor am I a trained doctor, or legal professional
My readings are for adults 18+ and for entertainment purposes only, please remember you always have free will & choice, & will remain to do so, I will not be held legally responsible for the choices you choose to make after any reading with me, nor any of the outcomes after any decision you have chosen to make after any reading with me, I don't offer yes or no answers, and I am not a mind reader, or crystal ball, your life & the choices you make are yours, regardless of any service you choose to take with me, this includes coaching, energy healing, and readings.

What I need from you for a reading:

*Required: Your full name & date of birth.

* The email address associated with your order, and payment method, as this is where your reading will be sent.

* Your soul led questionnaire back prior to any reading taking place no later than 48 hours prior to any reading taking place*

Optional: an image of yourself & anyone else associated with your reading, this is not a requirement, but does help me tap into your energy during a reading.

What to expect in a reading:

Email Readings, & 1-1 in person readings: we will get comfy over tea & cake, and chat about what areas of your life you want to focus on & explore further.

If a reading is being done via email, I will send you a soul led questionnaire to fill in and return to me prior to any reading given.

**Please note all readings are currently only done via email**

I always lead with my heart & soul with love & positive intentions, to help guide me to any of the cards picked, I will then read each card intuitively, and talk you through what I see, if readings are done remotely, I take notes of what I see & hear, but again please note it is not an exact science, once your session is over, I will email you your final session notes, this will include anything that I have picked up during & after the reading is done, each reading includes a special gift, sent to you after your reading in the post.

Please see each card reading session listed in the images below for timings & whats included in each one.

*Currently only offering email readings*


Monthly readings up to 32 cards max, taken either from a single deck, or mixed oracle card decks, I let my intuition guide me, 1 card per day, and 1 affirmation card, please chose only 1 area/topic you would like me to focus on for that month

Topics we can cover:

Finding your soul purpose

Self belief & confidence

Mindset, limiting beliefs, energy blocks, business and personal growth



This is a divination tool that helps our souls to discover guidance, it is not based on any religion, nor is it meant as a tool to definitely see into your past, or to predict your future.

The cards represent your current circumstances, and like all things in life they change when you make a choice to change your life in any way, so therefore the card outcome may change as a result.

I do not offer yes or no readings, or readings pertaining to past lives, past over, death, legal, political, or medical advice, I am not a doctor, nor a lawyer, all readings are for entertainment purposes only, and for aged 18 and over, they are not meant as a definitive answer, you always have, and will have freedom of choice in all areas of your life, I will not be held responsible for any choices you choose to make, nor any outcomes that arise from having a card reading with me, they are purely for entertainment only, and it is up to you, if you take it on board, or not.

Readings can be done via email, or in person, as it is an energy exchange, you can ask questions, for all email readings I send you a soul led questionnaire prior to any reading taking place (currently only offering an email service for readings)

All readings are confidential, and you will receive session notes via email, within 48 hours of any reading taking place (readings on a Friday or weekend days, session notes will not arrive until 48 hours after these)

Once I have received your soul led questionnaire back, I will tap into your energy, and ask the question what do you need to know today to guide you on your life journey, this month, You will then receive an email with a reading to guide you.

This is for you if:

You are ready to make some soul shifts, but you are not sure what the next step is.

You know you are meant for more, but fear & limiting beliefs keep holding you back.

You are looking for some clarity & guidance in trusting your own intuition.

This is not for you if:

You are afraid to trust your own intuition, soul truth & judgement

You are not willing to take responsibility for your own life choices

You think you will receive yes or no answers, a reading will predict your future, give you factual answers, this is not the case, you always have free will & choice, and once you have been given your reading, it is always up to you, to choose what you decide to do with this information, I will not be held legally responsible for any choices you choose to make after any reading with me, as the card readings are for entertainment purposes only.

If after reading all my terms & conditions, you still want to craft your life, by your own design, by your own rules & create some soul magick, then you can book a angelic guidance & oracle card reading session, by clicking on any of the images, and it will take you to the individual card reading product page to book your session.

(I aim to send any reading on the same day it was booked) but during busy times, or my family commitments, there may be a slight delay) hence why I put within 48 hours.