1 Card Oracle Card Reading

1 Card Oracle Card Reading

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Allow yourself to be inspired by angelic guidance & oracle wisdom, to nurture & nourish your heart, mind & soul, The angels & oracle cards & the messages/guidance I receive, are here to remind you, you are never alone.

I use my heart & intuitive soul, and empath nature when reading the cards, and use several decks to do your reading (Unless it is a single card reading) this card will be pulled from a single card deck, designed to offer you guidance, insight, inspiration, reassurance & messages of support, from the angelic & oracle realm, to empower you in this journey called life.

All angelic & oracle card readings include a special healing gift, which I intuitively pick, or handcraft to correspond with what comes from your reading, to uplift, inspire & empower you, sent via post after your reading, to remind you, you always have an angel/guide by your side in life.

They do not predict the future, and all readings are personal to you, focusing around the question/questions you have chosen to ask.

*Please note all readings are for entertainment purposes, aged 18 and over, I do not offer readings on political views, as I am not a politician, financial as I'm not an accountant, legal as I'm not a lawyer, nor any health or medical issues, Including pregnancy/conception, as I'm not a doctor, nor am I medically trained, past lives, passed over loved ones, specific timings, yes or no questions, past relationships, as this is not my area of speciality.

As they do not predict the past, present or future, please remember you have, and will always have free will and choice, and will remain to do so, so I will not be held legally responsible for the choices you choose to make after any reading with me, nor any of the outcomes after any decision you have chosen to make after any reading with me, I am not a mind reader, nor a crystal ball, your life & the choices you make, are yours, regardless of any service you choose to take with me, this includes card readings, coaching, energy healing, or any other product or service I offer.

*I reserve the right to turn down any question, or reading that I feel is inappropriate, or that makes me feel uneasy.

Before any reading takes place, I ask that you fill in a small questionnaire, this will include your full name, date of birth, the topic you want to base your question around, if no topic/question is chosen, I will do a general reading, your email address used for your order that matches your payment method, this needs to be returned back to me via email, no later than 48 hours before your reading takes place, if it isn't, then I am afraid I cannot perform your reading.

I will also need your name and full address that matches your payment method, used for your order, to send you your gift.

*Please note : No refunds are given as this is a bespoke service & product, tailored to you*

What to expect in a reading:

I always lead with my heart, soul, intuitive empath nature, love & positive intentions, to help guide me to any of the cards I pick for you, I read each card intuitively, I take notes on what I see & hear, but please note this is not an exact science, once your reading is finished, I will type up your final reading notes, this will include anything I have picked up during & after the reading is done, each reading will include a healing gift from me, that corresponds to the energy I have picked up in your reading, sent to you in the post after your reading.

Topics we can cover:

Finding your soul purpose

Self belief & confidence

Mindset, limiting beliefs, energy blocks, and personal growth

Business projects

Relationships (please note I do not do readings on passed over loved ones, or ex relationships, and will be a general reading only)

For more information, please see the FAQ'S on the 3-5 card reading description, or you can visit, https://thelisamartin.com/pages/angelic-guidance-oracle-card-readings