Coaching FAQ's

So you want to know how single session coaching consultations, 1 - 1 coaching or mentoring works? Group coaching, or retreats & workshops work, and how long they take to work?

What happens after you've said yes to coaching? workshops or retreats, and what you can expect to achieve.

Single session coaching consultations

Single session coaching & mentoring takes place via video conference, I use zoom, or email, whichever works best for you, and is usually in 60 or 90 minute sessions.

However Single sessions are only suitable for 1 topic guidance sessions, they do not replace longer term coaching or multi topic needs.

One - One Coaching

One - One coaching sessions can take place in person, via zoom, or email, whichever works better for you, these are usually 60, or 90 minute sessions.

 Group Coaching

Group coaching for individuals: Will work within the dedicated "Soul Power Collective" dedicated online space.

Corporate Coaching

Corporate/workplace Coaching, takes place within your workspace, or event space

 Workshops & Retreats

 Workshops & retreats, will take place within various locations in the East Riding Of Yorkshire, The Yorkshire Region, and various other locations within England, I  also plan on offering a luxurious, nourishing & nurturing "Reclaiming You" retreat in my heart home of Greece, once a year... Date TBA

I am not sure Coaching is right for me, Do you offer a free consultation

No not any more, due last minute cancelations, and no shows, and as some of your first discovery call work, has already been researched, and completed by me, before you even have your call, I now have a nominal fee of a non refundable £5.00 GBP payable via bank transfer 48 hours before your appointment is due to take place, on all my discovery calls, this is then deducted from any further coaching booked.

Once you have reserved your  15 minute call to see if we are a match to work together, and you have decided to commit to further coaching we will schedule in a time and date for your coaching to start.

Where is your office

My office is located within my home, in Beverley East Riding Of Yorkshire, I also offer in person sessions within the Beverley area in a location of your choice, this could be a quiet corner of your local coffee shop, local hotel etc.

And my zoom sessions can take place worldwide

Please note* (Currently I am only offering zoom sessions)

Do you offer a payment plan

Yes, I offer a payment plan on my coaching packages, and 12 month membership

 Please note: No Coaching will begin until the first month has been paid, and then each month if paying by instalments, this must be paid, before any further coaching takes place, on any coaching or membership program. 

Do you take credit cards

Yes, when you book my services via my website, you can pay via credit card, Paypal etc, alternatively I offer payments via a Paypal invoice (Please note Paypal will incur extra fees) or via bank transfer.


Are my costs refunded if I fail to show up, cancel my appointment, or cancel the coaching services booked with me.

No all of my coaching services including my email coaching services are not refunded, nor are any part of the costs.

As the content is worked on as soon as you book my services, I put my heart and a lot of hours into researching and deciding on the content that will help you, and therefore most of my time, before your session with me has already started, this is time I cannot get back, so therefore your cost will still apply.

What happens if I need to reschedule or cancel my appointment

Can I reschedule my appointment, yes you can reschedule your in person, or zoom appointment with me, I require at least 72 hours notice, so that I can try to fill the time slot, that you were scheduled for, Once only! as I know life can happen to the best of us, and emergencies may arise

Email coaching cannot be rescheduled!

Further appointments that you fail to give at least 72 hours notice will be charged a £50.00 GBP fee, and this will be either invoiced to you via Paypal, or added onto your instalment fee, and must be paid, before any further coaching sessions take place, as not giving me sufficient notice makes it impossible to give the time slot to someone else.

Cancelation of appointments 72 hours notice is required in all instances, so that I may try to to refill the space that you had scheduled.

Please note: cancelations/rescheduling of appointments (Apart from the one only rescheduling, see above note) are not refunded in any way, out of mutual respect for my time, and effort and the work already put into your appointment.

I have a lot of Emotional Trauma, How many sessions will I need, to feel better

It is hard to answer this question, before a consultation, as each individual person is different, and has needs that may take longer than what may be typical in a coaching series.

How many sessions will you need, this depends entirely on you, if you have experienced a lot of emotional trauma, or stress, and you haven't worked with anyone prior to me.

It will also depend on what you want to get out of the sessions, my goal is to get you free from stress, anxiety, and moving from where you are now, to where you want to be, as quick as possible.

I recommend a coaching programme for at least a 6 month coaching series  as this has ongoing coaching so that you can see a real change, after that I recommend clients come and see me, once a year for a coaching reset session.

Of course you can have shorter periods of time, but I truly believe this to be counter productive, as you will have only just scratched the surface, with a programme of 6 months or less.

How Often Do I Have Coaching Sessions

How often, and will you do the work for me? that depends on you, I work around you and your needs, I work holistically, I don't force issues, we work on what you want to achieve.

I would suggest a session every two weeks, but we do what is practical for you and your life.

I do not do the work for you, I ask that you bring your whole heart and soul into this and be willing to put the work and commitment in, to reach your ultimate goals.

I am not a therapist, or guru, and i'm definitely not a miracle worker, we may during the sessions, look into your past to see what you may be blocking, and to figure out what is holding you back from reaching for those dreams.

 There may well be a few tears, and yes I may cry with you (I am like that) and there will be a supply of tissues at the ready.

Yes, I suggest & give you homework to do, includes resources.

What Is A Life Coach

A life coach is someone who guides you, to dig deep within yourself, a life coach encourages you to find your inner happiness, self confidence, self love, and self belief in your personal journey for love, life and career.

A life coach helps you to get unstuck, to work through challenging circumstances, and emotions, to gain clarity, and provides a safe space for you, to be seen and heard.

What do I do as coach

It is my aim, to guide you, to inspire you, and to empower you, to gain self love, self worth, self belief, self confidence, and happiness in yourself, and your dreams, to help you gain clarity for your goals in life, and then to guide you to come up with ideas and strategies that you can put into place, to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be.

I will be available in between sessions for email and messenger support, and you are welcome to join the facebook group, or the mighty network group, for further support, encouragement and sisterhood, see the let's connect page for information on both of the groups.

My service will always be 100% confidential.

I promise to hear you, see you, listen to you, and believe in you, even when you are not believing in yourself, trust me i've done this to myself, and its not pretty, but when you believe, magic happens, so are you ready to let your inner magic free?

When can we start? As soon as you are ready to say I want to change my life and I know there is more for me.

Are you a licensed counsellor or therapist

No although I am certified in several modalities, I am not a medically trained professional, I do not diagnose, treat, or prescribe, for any specific disease or condition, any of my coaching offerings, my group offerings, my other services, products, creative workshops & retreats, and anything else I offer, are not substitutes for conventional medical methods, of diagnosing, treating, or prescribing anything of a medical nature, or for which you would see a medical professional for.

Can I bring my child/children with me

I love children, but I will be honest with you, your appointment, is all about YOU, what you want, and what you want to achieve,  I want the best for you, and I want you, to get the best out of your appointment without any distractions, so that you can be as relaxed as possible.

Can I bring a partner or a friend to my appointment

I will be honest and say that if you are planning on bringing your partner, or a friend with you, then please only bring them if they are going to be supportive, and open to your healing, and to you becoming the best version of you!

You can bring someone for support after your session, they may sit in another room to wait for you, But bringing another person or negative energy into your coaching session will not do you, or the other person, or me any good.

Be advised that the techniques I use, may bring up triggers, relating to your partner, children, friends, family, or significant others in your life, and journey.

So it is important that whoever you may bring understands and accepts, that it is normal, and that they should not get defensive or interrupt our session in any way, they are there to support you, in a silent and non intrusive way (In a waiting room/another room) if they interrupt our session in any way, they will be asked to leave.

What can I expect at my 1st appointment

You can expect to be in a safe space, to talk about you, and your life's journey, to talk about your dreams for the future, to be seen, to be heard, and to be listened to, and to believed in. 

Will I feel any side effects from my sessions

Some people feel relaxed and calm after a session, some people feel angry, some people may feel anxious, irritated, or even exhausted, you have to remember we may be bringing emotional triggers to the surface, my aim is to minimise this as much as possible, but e are all human, with human feelings, thoughts and emotions, and this is normal.

Reserve your 15 minute discovery call today...

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Why do people use a coach?

 What are the benefits of using a coaching or mentoring service?

1) To gain some clarity, connection and motivation for what they want to achieve, because sometimes you can't see the single branch in a forest full of trees.

2) Increased confidence and getting your sparkle back.

3) To make big business, career or life transitions.

4) To save time, to streamline tasks, to get stuff done, to have more hours in the day, to make more money/or to save money.

5) To finally stop living by someone else's rules, to stop people pleasing and to stop worrying about what others think, to stop seeking other people's approval.

6) To have better relationships, with yourself, and others. 

7) To get rid of the limiting beliefs that are holding you back.

8) To heal the past, and to look to the future.

9) To saying yes to having more joy, and unconditional love for yourself, your dreams and goals and to saying yes to getting the very best out of your life, for you.

Choosing the right coach for you, and questions to ask

Finding the right life coach to support you, to inspire you, to motivate you and to be your cheerleader while you're on your soulful journey is so important.

Ask do you trust them and like their style of coaching, do you feel at ease with them, can you talk easily to them and feel you can share your journey so you can reach your dreams with them.

Here are some questions to ask yourself first before deciding...

1) What do you want from a Coach? get really clear on this and what you want to achieve, getting clarity is the first goal you will work on with the coach you choose.

2) What kind of Coach do I need?

There is a wealth of coaches out there, from business and success coaches, to empowerment coaches and everything in-between.

Ask yourself what will work for you, do you need a rigid or relaxed approach, do you want to just focus on one part of your life, or do you want to work with a coach or mentor that will help you with mind, body and soul.

Do you want a coach who is super strong, clear and no nonsense in their approach, or one who works with you, who will be your super supporter, cheerleader and friend, and works holistically and works with what works best for you, and your life situation.

I work on making my coaching packages and sessions bespoke to you, to suit your needs at that present time, and to suit your goals and the person you are.

I work on a soulful heart led approach, I believe in digging deep into your soul, and use tools such as, journalling, meditation/calm space, creativity and essential oils as part of my coaching sessions.

3) How much should I pay? This will depend on the coach you choose, coaching is an investment in you, however it is both a financial & emotional factor, to take into consideration.

4) What results have they achieved? look at their testimonials, ask around, but also remember if they are a new coach just starting out they may not have any yet, this does not mean they are bad at what they do, ask questions so you can be reassured.

I always encourage clients to ask me as many questions as they need to, before booking anything with me, I believe in being transparent.

5) What have they achieved in their lives? ask them what they have overcome, do they walk the walk, and talk the talk.

I have overcome many situations and obstacles in my life to get to this point in my life, but I am also honest, and transparent, and will say I am always learning new things about life, and about myself.

Am I never scared, no way i'm only human, do I cry, you bet I'm led by my heart, and I wear my heart on my sleeve, my life, and my story so far, has been full of more curves than straight lines, but I've overcome them, and come out smiling.

So if you want someone who has lived the perfect life, I am not it, however if you want someone who understands, who has been there, who has had life hurt them, nearly break them, who has risen from fear, struggle, heartache, to come out smiling then hello...

6) Does the coach have a coach/mentor? At lot of them do, but not always, I have other coaches that inspire me daily, and that I look up to, and during my studies and my business, I am working with some of the worlds top coaches, and mentors that I learn from daily, and who help, and guide me, to be my best self.

But ultimately ask yourself, what does my heart say, it knows you and it knows the way, trust it, and trust yourself to make the right decisions for you.

Still got questions???

Email Lisa: designedbylilygrace@yahoo.com