Gemstone Meanings



On this page, you will find out all about the meanings, that semi precious gemstones represent.

Do you have a favourite meaning or a saying?

On this page, you can find out which gemstone best represents this so you can create your own custom piece.



Confidence & Good Fortune

Aventurine (green) is known as the gemstone of confidence, luck, opportunity, and optimism, it can aid with dealing with addictions, as well as manifestation of wealth, it encourages creativity, motivation and a zest for life, it strengthens communication, and leadership skills, it is known as the heart healing stone, as it gives a sense of empathy and emotional wellbeing.



Emotional Healing & Clarity Of Mind

This gemstone is a nurturing, calm and soothing stone, agate works slowly and brings great strength, agate is a useful gemstone for emotional trauma, as it gives emotional stability, it can create a sense of safety by dissolving internal tension and fear,  relieves stress & anxiety, it can also help to balance and uplift your mind, body and soul, it aids to promote courage, communication on all levels, aids with spiritual growth, and for you to be true to your inner self, it is associated with the throat chakra.



Calming & Communication

These stunning inspirational gemstones, light the way for you to achieve your goals, They help to promote clarity, and your personal power, personal confidence & growth, they help to cleanse the aura, increase creativity & motivation, and they promote kindness, and being true to yourself, and can soothe your worries or fears.



Calming & Protection

This beautiful gemstone is one of my favourites, it is known as the stone of happiness, it is Februarys birthstone.

Amethyst promotes sincerity, kindness and patience, it encourages contentment, and can help to heal negativity from fear, stress, anxiety, depression, and more,  amethyst healing properties aid stress, insomnia, and the pain from headaches.

Amethyst gemstones are known for providing spiritual protection, for giving the wearer inner strength, clarity of mind, which makes them the ideal gemstone to use for meditation as this gemstone can help you to still your mind, so you can become more in tune with your soul.



This is known as the gemstone of ethereal power, a protective gemstone, that restores tranquility, a calming stone that encourages you to speak your truth, it promotes the truth of self awareness, healing & peace, as it helps to relieve stress & anxiety, it helps to aid self forgiveness, spirituality & connection to angelic guides, higher awareness & creativity, this gemstone is associated with the throat, third eye, and crown chakra's.



Knowledge & Manifestation

The gemstone of inspiration, it will awaken your creativity, motivation, ambition & positivity, and personal power, it can help you to achieve your goals, it cleanses the aura, and clears confusion giving you clarity, and wards off negativity.




Apophyllite is the gemstone for truth, for sight, for reflection and clairvoyance, this gemstone helps you to connect to your spirit and aids meditation, keeping apophyllite creates an atmosphere of attunement.



Clarity & Courage

Aquamarine is known as the gemstone of friendship, it encourages you to be true to yourself, it helps to give you courage when handling grief, and assisting with self healing.


Black Onyx

Is known as the gemstone of strength, a protective, balancing, and grounding stone, it encourages the making of wise decisions, can aid mental stress, and will help to centre your energy, and aids to align with a higher power, and absorbs any negative energy surrounding you.

Blue Sodalite

Is a calming, soothing gemstone, that gives inner peace, it relieves anxiety, aids sleep & creativity, enhances self esteem, aids with meditation, and a deeper connection to your intuition & psychic connection, this gemstone is associated with the third eye & cron chakra's.




Bismuth is a gemstone for transforming, and improving your energy levels, visualisation and focus, it helps with overwhelm, isolation and disconnection.


Black Tourmaline


A gemstone for cleansing & grounding your emotions & anxieties.


Mixed Tourmaline

Tourmaline has many colours from pink to green, and each one has their own specific meaning, but they all have these meanings in common, Tourmaline balances the yin & yang, and the chakras, it is a protective gemstone, aids joy, happiness, and abundance.



Action & Ambition

Carnelian is an energy booster, a powerful aid to build confidence, courage and passion which in turns leads to ambition and action.



Healing & Serenity 

Celestite aids creativity, speech, and clarity of mind, it promotes love and healing, it is a good gemstone for detoxifying the body, it helps to ease stress & anxiety, and nightmares.

Celstite is a good gemstone for relaxation and meditation.



Creativity & Joy

Citrine is knon as the happy gemstone, it brings energy to many areas of your life, it removes negativity to bring positivity.

Citrine can help to ease depression and self doubt, anger and mood sings.

Citrine encourages fresh beginnings, it opens up your higher self to accept joy, to release anger or deep seated fears, it inspires creativity and self expression.


Crazy Lace Agate

A grounding & supporting gemstone, that is known as the laughter gemstone, as it has a joyful energy that encourages self acceptance & self confidence, laughter, harmony & happiness, it can also relieve emotional pain & clears blockages to bring vitality to major organs.



Heals emotional wounds, promotes peace, joy, and happiness, it aids to attract new love & abundance on all levels.


Dalmation Jasper

A grounding & strengthing gemstone, which brings clarity of mind, and a sense of fun & loyalty into relationships, it purifies the blood, and boosts the immune system, Jasper is known as the supreme nurturer, as it absorbs negative energy, and it supports through times of stress & brings tranquility & wholeness to the mind & body.



Is known as the gemstone of patience, it is believed to increase willpower, motivation & organisation, it boosts creativity, and awakens latent psychic & clairvoyant abilities, and helps to access higher guidance.




Emerald encourages you to live and act from your heart, to give yourself unconditional love and compassion in your daily life.

A gemstone for abundance, healing and recovery it helps with negative emotions and heartbreak.


Fire Agate

Awakens & lights up one's inner fire's for life, creativity, sexuality & will, it promotes stability, composure, security & self confidence, a very grounding gemstone that sends back negativity picked up from others, helpful for fears, trauma & impotence, an Aries protective stone, that will help you finish what you started, and avoid surrender.



Grounding & Security

Fluorite draws out negativity, it cleanses, purifies and helps with stress and disorganisation.


Helps with self worth, a grounding & an energising gemstone that aids with manifesting, that helps with creating what you truly want, it brings positivity, joy, passion & luck into your life, a gemstone that inspires love, and is believed to bring business success, a gemstone that cleanses & reenergises the chakras.



Ambition & Learning

Howlite inspires attunement, and prepares the mind to receive wisdom & insight, formulates ambitions both spiritual & material, it teaches patience and absorbs anger, white howlite is the ultimate calming gemstone, it aids with insomnia, strengthens memory, relieves stress, and assists with spiritual connection.



Health & Luck

Jade is a gemstone with a healing heart, and is known for healing the heart, it balances and brings harmony to your wellbeing, mind, body & soul.

Green jade brings harmony, kindness & peace, and can attract abundance and prosperity.



A calming gemstone, that is known to bring peace through times of stress, it encourages determination, increases spiritual connection to the earth, nature and the universe, it works slowly providing constant energy, especially in a time of needed change.



Adventure & Balance

The gemstone of the new moon, transformation, magic & spiritual awakening, it encourages a deeper connection to universal energies, intuition, Labradorite protects the aura, and against negativity, reduces anxiety, & balances the hormones, a calming and protective gemstone, that aids transformation, intuition and self faith, confidence & creativity.


Lapis Lazuli

Wisdom & Truth

The gemstone of queens, it embodies inner truth, and promotes self awareness & psychic abilities, it unifies the mind & voice bringing you clarity, it teaches compassion, and love, magical tip: Wear Lapis Lazuli for luck, wisom and self esteem.

Lava Stone

A calm, grounding stone, the gemstone of strength & courage and often called the gemstone of re-birth, it gives stability through changes in life, ignites the fire of the kundalini and increases energy.



Creativity & Protection

Protects against negativity, balances your emotions, good for meditation, malachite encourages creativity, risk taking and change, and enhances wisdom, spiritual & personal growth.


Ocean Jasper

The stone of Atlantis, increases spiritual wisdom, and resonates with karmic energy, increases patience, alleviates stress & anxiety, clears emotional blockages.




Good for cutting emotional cords & blockages, assists in releasing your fears, anger and resentment, helps with clarity of mind and clears confusion.



Pink - a calming gemstone of hope, renewal, peace, acceptance & love

White - Aids clarity, communication & self confidence, a gemstone that brings luck and hope into your life.

All other opals, a gemstone of inspiration, it enhances imagination & creativity, it brings a sense of peace, hope and calm.



A gemstone that represents the moon, this gemstone is a protective gemstone that soothes the emotions, & brings peace & calm, it heightens the intuition, imagination, creativity, & spirituality, it promotes sincerity, truth, loyalty, clarity, it is a physical representation of divine femininity & the nurturing spirit, promotes love, health, wealth & good fortune.

It is linked to many ancient goddesses, & according to some legends, pearls are drops of heavenly dew, & tears of mythological beings such as angels, mermaids & nymphs.

Pink Zebra Jasper

A calming stone, that encourages determination & solution seeking, increases spiritual connection to the earth, nature and the universe.



Action & Willpower

Helps to release disharmony, fear, anger and resentment, brings clarity to the mind and help clears confusion.


 Rainbow Moonstone

Peace & New Beginnings

Encourages new energy, hope and personal growth, provides protection when taking or travelling on a new path, and can help to balance a woman's hormones in line with the Luna cycle.

This gemstone is recommended for those who suffer from stress, anxiety or who carry old emotional & trauma wounds.



Known as the stone of potential, its calming, balances the emotions and soothes the soul, it manifests positive energy, and is believed to assist in healing scars of a past life, it lightens the heart, inspiring you to discover the best version of you.


Rose Quartz

Love & Healing

Rose Quartz is the gemstone of the heart, the gemstone for love or all kinds, self love, self worth, emotional and romantic, and unconditional love & compassion.

Rose Quartz also helps to remove negativity, it can help to lower stress, to release anger, jealousy, resentment, and allows the heart to heal.

It can aid your complexion, aides in circulatory, heart, spleen or kidney problems, helps with the symptoms of vertigo, asthma, and can help to balance the sex drive.


An all round healing gemstone which protects from negative energy.


Red Jasper

A grounding, balancing and protective gemstone, it relieves stress, boosts energy, promotes confidence, aids with dream recall, and is associated with the lower chakras.


Smokey Quartz


Smokey Quartz is one of the best grounding gemstones there is, it raises your vibrations, especially during meditation, it teaches you to let go of what no longer serves you.

Smokey Quartz can help to release fear, anger, depression to relieve negative emotions, and bring you emotional calm.



Carries the light energies of the sun, and increases your personal power, it brings mental clarity.


Silver Quartz

It is part of the Quartz family, it can encourage being diplomatic, and can aid learning and to help us understand our own limitations.


Sterling Silver

Is a sacred metal of the moon, it aids in spiritual growth, and it reflects light back into the soul.


Tigers Eye

Balance & Vitality


The gemstone of wisdom, courage, balance, prosperity and protection, helps  to balance your moods such as depression, fatigue and discouragement, and allows your thoughts to be processed in a more streamlined way that makes sense.



Friendship & Harmony

African Turquoise - is known as the gemstone of self development, truth, positive transformation, enlightenment, spiritual growth, and friendship, it aids focus, it balances the energies, brings structure, prosperity, positivity, and brings a sense of wisdom, truth & peace.

Blue Turquoise - a grounding gemstone, that encourages inner healing, and self acceptance, it strengthens our intuitive abilities, and aids spiritual growth and creativity.



The master Healer

Quartz is known as the most powerful & master healing gemstone, it is an energy amplifier, it develops spirituality, it protects against negativity, helps lessen headaches, cleans & balances the chakras, aids with wisdom, concentration, & clarity of mind, a spiritual gemstone that aids with a deeper connection to the universe, beyond ones self.