Powered By The Soul Self-Love Manifesto

I believe we are all capable of being passionate, creative, and curious, I believe we are all born soulful with a heart as big as the moon, and dreams as bright as the stars, and that we have no limits to what we can achieve if we really want it...

I believe each and every one of us is unique, and that we all have a vision for a better life, and that we all deserve the chance to be true to our our hearts, and the chance to let our dreams fly free.

I believe we should all acknowledge our struggles, fears, and listen more to our instincts, and that the three pillars of self should be on our daily to do list, that we should all embrace our dark shadows as well as our inner light, without apology.

That we all have the chance to live with courage, grace, hope, dignity, loyalty, kindness and lead from our heart and soul.

That life should be full of joy, deep belly laughs, great company and meaningful connected relationships, fairy lights, glitter and a whole lotta sparkle.

That it's ok to choose green tea & hot chocolate together for breakfast, or before bed, to be indecisive over cake, or salad, if need be, because hey... life is already full of difficult decisions.

That we should no longer be afraid to be ourselves, to be true to ourselves and to let our dreams fly free, and that together we can make this crazy thing called life a better place to be, because my loves.... you are no longer alone x

May I introduce... The Powered By The Soul manifesto, created by Lisa Martin especially for you...and me




If  in doubt and you feel like everything else is failing... Rember you are beautiful, worth it, and so damn amazing, so dare to be bold, be brave, and remember I am here for you every step of the way.

Original Manifesto hand created by Lisa Martin if you would like your own bespoke manifesto or quote, feel free to email me with your request at:


Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx