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Who are you?

What if you're not who you have always thought you were? What then?

Do you, are do you know someone who struggles with self love, self worth, self belief, or self confidence issues?

Have you, or do you know someone who has had curveballs in life, trauma, abuse, heartache or loss?

Have you ever believed everything that everyone has told you about yourself, IE: you're not good enough, you can't, no one will love you!!

Have you answered yes to any of the above?

I have, and by doing so I got asked to be a part of a very special book...

If you like the idea of overcoming your own adversity in life, or you just like to read very raw, true to life stories of how others have overcome adversity...

Then....This book will change the way you see things

And it will change your life!



Reasons you should read

"The Girls Who Refused To quit"

Whatever you have been through, whatever curveballs life throws your way, at the heart of this book is you can overcome it, you can come out at the other side with a positive outlook, and a strength you never knew you had!

This book is at the heart of it, a message from us to you, to say, you are not alone in your heartbreak, in your trauma, in your abuse, in your loss, you are not the lies you are told, you are worth it, you are beautiful, and you are capable of rewriting your story.

Meet The Author

Lisa is the founder/CEO/Creative Soul behind the Lisa Martin Designs brand, and associated brands & businesses, inc: Lisa Martin Coaching, powered by the soul, soul power, the group coaching & journals part of powered by the soul, Soul whispers, the journaling membership part of powered by the soul, soul powered, the clothing & accessories range for powered by the soul, Soul Powered Co (Previously Lilli-Blue&Grace) her handcrafted jewellery, and hand designed stationery, paper goods and gifts.

A certified master life, spiritual & happiness coach, angelic guide, energy healer, card reacher, & angelic teacher, specialising in self identity, self rediscovery, comparison, holistic wellbeing, mindset & mindfulness

Lisa is a writer, published author, wife, and mum to 4 children (now adults) and was the sole full time carer to 3 of those children, all who have severe learning difficulties, autism, and mental health issues, and nanni to two beautiful granddaughters, and legal guardian for her eldest granddaughter who herself has had to deal with a life of trauma, and has suspected autism.

Lisa's education is ever continuing, so she can be the best of all she is, for you, and your needs.

Lisa who lives in Yorkshire, didn't just get certified, she has walked through, and grown thrown so many curveballs, she couldn't see straight, never mind smile, and she knows first hand what it takes to overcome adversity in life.

Lisa's story of overcoming the curveballs with a smile has spanned through years of abuse, trauma, heartache, loss, divorce and losing children, at times it's been messy through tears, at others with a smile on her face, saying I'm ok whilst crumbling underneath.

She has fought her way through repeating patterns, limiting beliefs, old lies, and repeatedly being told she isn't enough.

Lisa is passionate about always being heart-led, being kind, and listening to you, when no one else does

Lisa is your go to girl if you are wanting to break up with your old patterns, your old limiting beliefs, and comparing yourself, and your life to that of others.

Lisa is your go to girl if you are ready to reclaim your soulful self identity, your soulful self rediscovery, and you are ready to reclaim your sense of self love, self worth, self belief, and self confidence.


Praise for "The Girls Who Refused To Quit"

What can I say, this book made me laugh, and cry, but mostly it made me thankful, This book proved we may face unbearable pain, loss, heartache, and trauma, But it shows it is always possible to overcome it, Thank you for helping me count my blessings, and for reminding me just how lucky I am, An amazing book, and bunch of women who should be celebrated.... Clare

Beautifully expressed words, written from a broken heart, my own heart ached as I read the stories, so many memories of my own childhood horrors surfaced, we should all be proud of those strong little girls, that held onto everything they had, thank you for allowing us to see into the lives of others, as I know this is yet another step in my on healing journey.... Robin

A heart wrenching inspirational read...Amazon review

An incredible book, full of powerful, beautifully written true life stories, all about overcoming adversity, a book about hope & optimism.... Amazon review

This is like nothing I've read before, relatable, thought provoking, and read through tears....Amazon review

Amazing book, a "must" read... Amazon review

Every woman who has ever faced adversity should read this book.... Amazon review