Soul Whispers Journal Course

Soul journaling is one of the most important & healing practices on my soul self discovery journey, so much so that I have studied it, and use soul journal therapy in my coaching practice with clients.

I have loved writing & creating stories since being a young girl, in fact I used writing & telling stories from my imagination to my brother as a coping & feeling safe strategy when we were living in a domestic abuse situation, and to take my mind to a safe space after my own experiences with domestic & sexual abuse, coercive control, bullying & abandonment.

I find there is something so personal, & deeply self reflective about soul journaling, this includes soul art journaling/art therapy, as a creative soul, i use a mixture of images, paints and words within my own soul art journals.

Soul journaling allows us to connect with the many layers of ourselves, and helps us to shed a light on the thoughts, feelings & emotions that we perhaps didn't know about residing within us.

It gives our subconscious mind a voice, it can help to reach core issues, old patterns & limiting beliefs, and can gives us new ways of looking at, and dealing with those thoughts, feelings, issues & emotions



Soul journaling has many proven health & wellbeing benefits, mentally, emotionally & even physically, studies have shown that it can help with stress, anxiety, pain, overwhelm, depression, and can aid the physical healing of wounds, it can help to boost our immune system, it can help us to heal, to process, to grown & evolve.

There are many ways in which you can journal, from guided journaling, journaling prompts, visual art journaling, vision board journaling, gratitude journaling, freestyle journal writing, soul journaling is about finding a way that helps you to connect to your inner soulful self, to what's going on in your life, and a way that helps you to move forwards.

Like art soul journaling is a form of self expression, I guide my clients into exploring different journaling styles, and finding the one that suits their individual needs, I help them to find a grace, flow & ease with putting pen to paper, even if it the first time they have journaled, as it is not meant to hard, but instead a sacred soul time that we build into your daily life.

I support them to make sense of their expressions, explore their feelings, and discuss what may have come up for them, the feedback I have received from clients so far has been amazing.

Here are a few words from a previous client:

Note: I only use client initials on my website & in any testimonials as the work I do is highly sensitive & confidential.

Such a calming experience, Thank you, it was what I didn't even know I needed at this point in my life, I will continue to use soul journaling & daily gratitude in my daily life...DD.. Yorkshire.

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