The Soul Power Academy & Collective


I am so excited to announce that I am creating an online platform to house my Soul Power Academy, launching soon DTBA...which will include free resources, and mini paid self study personal development courses for you

This is being worked on & developed behind the scenes, hence there is no link yet, if this is something you would like to know more about, sign up for the newsletter, which is relaunching this year, to be the first to hear when the academy & collective doors open...


"The Soul Power collective" is my baby, I have been working on this for the past 18 months on & off, this is something I was needing & looking for, but could never find, so I created it

* The soul power collective is a yearly coaching mastermind membership that will be launching in 2021! DTBA...

* A collective yearly coaching mastermind membership that is fully inclusive & deeply immersive

* A yearly coaching mastermind membership for total mind, body & soul rediscovery, reconnection, reclamation, healing & wellbeing.

* The Soul Power collective will have at least 6 modules, and will be the only place where I run my ("Finding Me") course, which encourages you to build strong foundations & release self critical thoughts, patterns, and behaviours, it helps you to reclaim your self identity behind the labels, to rebuild your self love, self esteem/worth, self belief and self confidence for continued change, and personal growth.

*Note: the name of the course is currently only a working title, and may be subject to change, once I've finalised all the course details, hence why I haven't included any links yet, as I am still finalising details...

If you would like details then either sign up for the email/newsletters, as my subscribers will be the first to hear hen it does launch, or you can follow me over on my social media pages, to hear about the launch

In addition to the above course, the soul power collective members will also receive:

* A 60 minute 1-2-1 coaching call with me via zoom within the first month of signing up or whenever the time is right for you, but must be taken within 9 months.

In the private coaching group, we will have

* Monthly guided journaling sessions

*Monthly angelic guidance & oracle card sessions

* Monthly read along book club ( it's more fun to do it together) where I share my favourite books, blogs & podcasts I've found useful, and I'll also include recommended books & blogs to read, and podcasts to listen to.

* Soul Resources in the form of soul guides, including moon guides, crystal guides, boundary setting, rituals, affirmations, journal prompts and more.

* Weekly tea & chat, live coaching sessions with me for personal support, and here you can ask me anything.

* Mini workshops 

* Access to me via email & messenger (office hours only)

* Personal discount on further 1-2-1 coaching

* A supportive community of like minded heart-led women

And as the soul power collective academy & coaching mastermind & membership evolves, I will be adding further programs, themes and topics, to help you to rediscover who you truly are, to reconnect to your dreams, passions and purpose.

My aim with this academy & coaching program is to have @ least some free resources, and @ least 6 modules in the coaching mastermind membership

Although the academy is self paced, and no real input from me, and the collective is self paced, but will have some input from me, you can do these in your own time, their purpose is to help you to reclaim your inner warrior queen, and help you to rewrite your story, so you can stand in your soul power to lead, and create the life you truly want, without fear, doubt, and limiting beliefs holding you back.

I will be on hand via email & messenger (office hours) and in the private group for any questions, or help you may need... just ask...

Whats the difference between 1: coaching, the soul power academy, and the soul power collective?

And which is right for you?

Only you can answer which is right for you, but here is a quick recap of what each involves...

* 1:1 personal coaching is in-depth, private access to me for 12 or 24 weeks

* The soul power academy will be free to join, and will have some free resources for will also have some mini courses that a fee will be charged for, but it will not be as in-depth or inclusive as the mastermind membership or personal 1-1 coaching packages..

* The soul power collective yearly mastermind membership will be a space for a mixture of self study personal development, weekly & monthly coaching sessions with me, and connection with others...this is the closet way to work with me apart from 1:1 sessions...

" The Soul Power Collective will be open for enrolment in 2021, DTBA, and will have a limited number of spaces, as I want to keep it small, nurturing and with personal interaction.

The cost for "The soul power collective" when it first launches will be £540.00 GBP as a one of payment, or £45.00 per month, thats less than £2 per day for super soul goodness, and reclaiming you.

However the ** first 25 founding members ** will get access to a special launch price of £300.00 GBP payment in full or £25.00 per month

*Please note if you as a founding member cancel your membership anytime, and you wish to rejoin, then you will rejoin & pay the higher joining fee* 

Once your payments are received you will have lifetime access to the collective, and anything else that gets added into it in the future, for no additional cost.(apart from your monthly fee, each month)

Please express your interest as soon as you can, as places will be limited!, or sign up for the newsletter to be one of the first to hear when it's launching.

For me rediscovering & understanding who I truly am, deep inside has been a heart & soul led journey, or trial & error, a few tears, shadows, and light, as I have truly learned what matters the most to me, and how I want to feel, and show up in life daily.

My soul journey home to me, is still ongoing, ever growing & evolving, and within soul power, I will be sharing my experiences, and how I am rewriting my story.

I am so excited, as now more than ever I feel women as a collective, are ready to rise, and awaken, and step into the true soul power they have within them, to reveal their true soulful selves.

For when we let ourselves unravel, when we let our hearts & soul lead the way, we start to reveal the bits of ourselves we have locked away, we start to rediscover, and reconnect to our deepest inner whispers, to joy, love, laughter, empowerment, inspiration, creativity, positivity, and soul, all rolled into a magic filled ball of stardust, and light. 

Subscribe to the newsletter today, to be put on the wait list for when soul power academy & collective launches..or contact me to discuss joining the soul power collective, and put yourself first, for once...I'd love for you to join us.

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa x