Speaking Events & Workshops

Do you have an event, conference, workshop, retreat, organisational gathering happening soon?
I would love to talk with you, about supporting your audience to rise, rediscover and reconnect with who they really are.
The soul they have kept hidden away, and the hopes and dreams they have not fulfilled because they have been so busy giving to other people.
Whether it's a talk, guest blog post, interview, running a workshop, part of a retreat, or anything else..

Here are some thoughts for what we can co-create & cover.

My areas of expertise & experience:

* Resilience & Courage

* Self-love, self-acceptance, self-belief, self-confidence

* Mindset, Mindfulness and wellbeing.

* Creativity for the soul, covers art journaling, gemstones to heal & uplift, creative workshops.

* Rewriting your story: Not letting your past trauma, heartbreak, or loss, or the curveballs of life, dictate your future.

* Rediscovery & Reconnecting to who you are, your dreams, goals, passion & Purpose.


You can view my online live soul sessions, in my group

@The Queen Collective

December 2020 (Postponed from August) where I shall be sharing my story, and how resilience & self confidence/awareness go hand in hand.





January 2021 (Postponed from Sept 2020)

Where I shall be discussing rewriting the story, mindfulness, and self acceptance



Have something else in mind? I'd love to talk to you & create something bespoke for your event. 

Let's start a soulful conversation.

You can contact me at any of the following:

I will get straight back to you during office hours ( Mon - Thursday 9.30 - 4pm, Friday 9.30 - 2pm )

Weekends and school term times, I do work but only limited hours







Social Media:

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Lisa Martin-The Curveball Queen


I look forward to connecting with you

Lisa xx