The Materials I Use

I use high quality materials to create my handcrafted gemstone & crystal jewellery, I aim to be as transparent as possible, and encourage you to ask as many questions as you need to about any product, or service of mine.

I try as much as possible to source my materials from UK suppliers, and to find ethical suppliers for my gemstones, charms, and other beads.

I use 14k, 18k, and 24k gold filled, gold vermeil, and sterling silver, semi precious gemstones, and Swarovski crystals in my handcrafted jewellery designs.

For packaging I try and find recycled gift bags, or boxes, and acid free tissue paper wherever possible.

Mala Beads, Necklaces, and Bracelets.

A mala (a necklace, chain, or bracelet) is a sacred tool that hails from India, it was created around the 8th century.

Traditional mala's have knots in between each bead, I create handcrafted mala necklaces and bracelets using the wire stringing technique or the hand knotted technique, whether strung on wire, hand-wired, on cord or hand knotted your mala will be used in the same way.

Mala beads and gemstones have been used to aid meditation practice, to help the meditator settle the mind in readiness for transcendence through the repeating of a mantra.

The mantra is a way of accessing your sacred soul, the deeper part of you, to aid you in areas of your life that you may need support.

Traditional mala's (meaning garland in sanskrit) contain 108 beads and the beads are a way of helping you to keep track of the repetition of your mantra (whether you say it aloud, or repeat it, in your head)

The use of a mala in meditation is called "japa Meditation" and can be practised in these three ways:

By repeating your mantra silently in your head ( Manasika Japa) this is meant to be the most powerful way to use your mala.

By repeating you mantra out loud (Vaikhari Japa) this is useful for blocking out internal and external noises or distractions, this can help you, to focus on your mantra, your mala and your intentions.

By whispering your mantra (Upamsha Japa)

Mantra means: a self advise (mananat trayate iti mantrah) is ho mantra is defined in sanskrit.

Each mantra is made up of six parts:

1) Drashta, the seers who saw, drashta comes from drishti (vision)

2) Chandas, the mantra's stucture

3) Devata, the informing power of the mantra

4) Vija, the sound,or the word, that empowers the mantra

5) Shakti, the energy, the vibrations generated by the sound of the mantra

6) Kilaka, the concealment of the essence of the mantra

I will be creating a list of mantras to choose from, to accompany my mala jeellery in the future, if you do not have your own.

I would recommend you read up on the subject, and encourage you to create your on empowering mantra, as this way your mala will be infused ith your own energy, vibrations, and intentions.

How to care for your mala, and other jewellery:

1) When your mala or jewellery is not being worn, or in use, store it inside the bag or box it came in, to make sure your mala & other jewellery stays clean & dust free, and dry.

2) Keep your mala or other gemstone jewellery under your pillow, this is a lovely way to keep it close to you, to keep your intentions close to your soul.

3) Oil the beads in your mala, and other gemstone jewellery if they are made of wood (sandlewood, rosewood etc) lava stone.

Essential oils (make sure your oil does not contain any colour, unless you want to transfer this colour to your beads) make a lovely addition to your mala, and other gemstone jewellery, they can help with your healing, empowerment, self care and soul care.

To use essential oils on your mala, or other gemstone jewellery put a drop of essential oil onto your fingertips, and work your way around your beads, caressing each bead with the oil as you go along your mala, and other gemstone jewellery

This could be something you include in your meditation practice.

Please make sure to use essential oils that are suitable to be placed near or on your skin, to avoid any reactions.

4) Pendants: please take care not to drop, bash, smash or hit your mala, or other jewellery, if it has a pendant on it, as this can lead to the pendant breaking.

5) If your mala, or other gemstone jewellery contains sterling or plated silver, to keep these sparkling and in good condition, as silver does get age spots and can, and does discolour over time, so use a silver cloth (can be bought in most jewellers) to clean gently hold the silver cloth between your finger and thumb, and rub the silver gently until it's shiny again.

Note: do not use chemical silver cleaners as they contain products that can damage your silver content ( see the precious metals guide for more info)

6) If your mala or other jewellery has a tassel, wash it gently using a very mild detergent, not to soapy, rinse well, place flat and gently pat dry, or leave it outside to dry ( flat surface) once dry fluff your tassel back into place.

7) Water: do not swim or submerge your mala in water, as the wooden beads, gemstones and any other beads are not meant to be placed in water, apart from giving them a gentle clean with the appropriate cleaning products ( see gemstone, mala and sterling silver guides for more info)

8) Perfume and other chemicals: please keep your mala and any other jewellery away from harsh chemicals such as detergents, perfumes, deodorant sprays, hairsprays etc, I always advise using these first, and putting your jewellery and mala beads on last of all to avoid contanimation, so that your jewellery, gemstones and mala beads can be kept, clean, dry, free from dust etc ( see precious metals, gemstones and mala beads guides for more info)

9) Cleanse your mala (or any gemstone jewellery) to get rid of any negative, or unwanted energy built up within your piece of jewellery, or your mala.

This can be done under a full moon.

10) keep your mala, and other jewellery off the floor, your mala should be placed on a platform of some kind, never place directly on the floor, or by the feet.

Other notes:

Use your mala, and other jewellery, it stops it from becoming lacklustre, and the essential oils on your mala and other jewellery (if you use them) will combine with the oils in your skin to form a beautiful soulful bond.

You can wear your mala, carry your mala, and other gemstone jewellery, or you can place it within a sacred space, whichever you choose to do, I hope you will find soul stillness, soul awareness, and soul hope through your mala and meditation practice.

However: if anything happens to your mala, or any other piece of jewellery, you have bought from me, beyond normal wear and tear, I offer a re-stringing & repair service, please message me for details of my charges for this.