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Let's have a little Real conversation....

Did you know the average women is exposed to 168 different chemicals, through her skin & beauty products on a daily basis...nope neither did I until recently...

Truth be told we are all exposed to toxins in the air we breathe every day, and I've personally chosen to go back to using more natural, clinically proven, safe essentials oils & beauty products for my body, skin, home & lifestyle, to improve, empower & support my own health, wellness & life.

This is to align with my own spiritual & holistic beliefs, as I no longer want toxins, chemicals, pesticides or other nasties in my life, I've finally found companies that share some of the soul core values that I hold dear.

I have fallen in love with these products, and use them in all areas of my life, from cooking & cleaning, skincare, illness, and even my own perfume, and spa related products.

I am starting to replace all my household chemical products with more natural, essential oil based ones, because just the smell of some products, makes me feel unwell.

So I'd love to share my journey & some of the products I love with you, because they can change your life, if you let them.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are aromatic compounds from plants, their roots, stems, bark, skin, seeds or flowers, they are a gift from mother nature, that can provide us with many benefits.
We can use essential oils to support our immune system, to soothe our skin, to help us sleep, to aid our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing, for cleaning, cooking and more.
Our skin is our biggest organ, so it surely makes sense to look after it, to nourish & nurture it.
When I decided to embark on this part of my wellness journey, I was asked why I chose to partner with  Doterra for me, my family, and my lifestyle?
So let me explain a little, Doterra is the most ethical essential oil company in the world, their oils are pure, did you know that the essential oil industry isn't regulated, not all essential oils are pure, or organic, this means companies are free to put nasties, pesticides, and other chemicals in their oils, they can dilute them, they can put synthetics into them.
And I wanted to be sure that any essential oils I use in my life, and with my family, and clients, were as safe as can be, Doterra is the largest essential oil company in the world, they exceed industry standards in ensuring the essential oils you buy, are effective, and safe.
They do this in two ways:
1) they travel worldwide to find the purest oils, where the plants grow in their native habitat, this is a huge factor in the oils potency, and its chemical composition, Doterra partners with farmers that harvests their land & plants for generations, they then provide them with a living wage (As many are in developing countries)
Doterra don't use chemicals or pesticides in their own oils, they have a care distillation process through this co impact sourcing they also help to build schools, have running water, housing, health clinics and more.
2) By testing, many oils in todays market are created to be fragrance, meaning they have no therapeutic properties, Doterra want to make sure the oils they create is the purest possible, and therefore run 54 types of testing on each litre of oil, no other company is this transparent.
You can go to www.sourcetoyou.com to see the third party testing results for each bottle of oil, just put in the lot number, if an oil doesn't pass the test, it is not put for sale, for me knowing it's the safest it can be, was a deciding factor.

Why Doterra?

Because they are not only one of the largest essential oil suppliers in the world, they are also one of the safest, using mother natures toolkit, imagine having your own soul power toolkit at your fingertips (Well in your bathroom/kitchen/bedroom cabinets, or your handbag/office) insert where you would keep your kit, to support & empower you, and your mind, body & soul each day, a toolkit that is made up from mother natures plants, that are 100% natural & safe.

Products free from fillers, artificial ingredient containments, pesticides, chemical residues, and with no dilution of active qualities, products that are rigorously tested to meet the highest industry standards.


A little goes a long way, 1-2 drops are all you need for most applications, a 15 ml bottle contains approx 250 drops of essential oil, so they are a cost effective alternative to some of the mainstream brands out there, that are purely made to be fragrance, and not a therapeutic grade essential oil, and having a therapeutic grade was essential for me, if I was to be treating my family and clients with essential oils.

How it works:



How I support you with your own oil journey:

Why should you join Doterra?

For me, I knew I wanted to do more with my life, I had a deep inner desire to help empower others, to not only live life how they wanted to, but to pursue other holistic options for their overall wellbeing.

The above also might be what you're thinking to, or one or more of the reasons below, might be what you're thinking of....

You are interested in using essential oils and other natural products in your home, and lifestyle, you want to save 25%, plus free products are always a bonus.

You want to earn an extra income stream

You want to have full flexibility over your life & daily schedule

You want to have more time & freedom to work around your family commitments

You want to have a more natural, holistic approach to life, and less toxins

You want essential oil information, resources, education, inspiration & support, and you don't want to feel alone in your journey, my community can help with this.

No ordering requirements or fees

Wellness guides & workshops 

Team treats

Private supportive community for my team members.

If this sounds like you, hi I'm happy to help you.

Within my community I offer resources, support, on incorporating essential oils into your life, and a ay to share them with others, friendship, and empowerment, and a way to transform your own lifestyle.

This could be exactly the opportunity you are searching for...

To make an impact, doing something more meaningful, sharing what you love with other people, helping to empower & support them, whilst having the opportunity to have flexibility, and the possibility of having a business with doterra.

Wondering where to start?

You can join as a wholesale customer & just pay the $35 fee for the year, and save 25% or you could become a wellness advocate, you get the same benefits as a wholesale customer with the 25%, plus you have the added advantage of using Doterra as a business opportunity, and earn commission and free essentials oils, members only perks (our rewards program) shipping rewards points, and when you buy an enrolment kit, the yearly fee is already included in the price.

How to order:

1) visit my website here at http://mydoterra.com/lisamariemartin and select your language & country, and the destination your products will ship to

Select the account you want either wholesale customer, or wellness advocate if you want to use it as a business opportunity (please note you don't have to start your business straight away)

I didn't when first starting out, but knew I wanted to, so signed up as a wellness advocate rather than customer straight away, but the choice is yours, either way you get 25%, but if you do maybe want the business option, commission & free oils, then choose wellness advocate, any questions though, please feel free to message me.

2) Enter your personal details, choose a password, and where it asks for enroller ID & sponser ID, then this is where you put my ID number 11247076 then click verify (It should show you my business name of lisa marie martin) this then gets you access to my exclusive community

3) Choose what you would like to order, either the $35 wholesale customer yearly fee, and any extra oils you want, or any one of the enrolment kit for the wellness advocate, plus anything else you want to add to your basket

I also suggest adding fractionated coconut oil, so you can start using your oils topically straight away, enter your payment details, review your order, you need to actually click the yellow button to do this, & then process your order

*Optional step* when everything goes through, it will ask you if you want to set up a loyal rewards program (LRP), I suggest you click yes, select a date within the 1st half of the next month, then go ahead and process your order.

4) Email me at designedbylilygrace@yahoo.com, to let me know you have signed up, so that I can say hi, so I can send you your complimentary welcome to the team, and welcome gift to get you started with your oils, from my heart to yours x

**Still unsure** I get it, sometimes you want any questions you have answered, and I am available via a message or via email (Office hours Mon-Fri) to answer any questions that you may have, so that you can feel confident, and supported in any decision you make, you can email me at designedbylilygrace@yahoo.com and pop in the subject lie, essential oil enquiry.

My favourite enrolment kit is:

Family Essentials Kit:

This is the one I purchased to start my Doterra journey, and I like this because it features some of my favourite oils, to find an enrolment kit, click on the image below, it will take you to my doterra website, go to kits & collections, and from there you can select, whichever enrolment kit you would like to start with.



For me, on a personal level I began using Doterra essential oils to support my mental health, my healing journey, and other areas in my life, and lifestyle, They allowed me to improve & support my mindset, emotional wellbeing, sleep patterns, resilience & lower my anxiety & stress levels.

If you would like to know more about how essential oils can support you & your lifestyle, or how the business opportunity works, I offer a wellness consultation

These are £25.00 GBP per person and include resources & a small sample of essential oils, you can email me at: designedbylilygrace@yahoo.com to book yours, and put wellness consult in the subject line.

Wellness Workshops

Plant based holistic care is a powerful tool, And aromatherapy & essentials oils & Doterra essential oils are being used in hospitals and health care centres across the world, from the vanderbilt, mayo clinic & duke (USA)

In the Uk united Lincolnshire hospitals NHS trust, York & Scarborough teaching hospitals NHS foundation, use aromatherapy & essential oils, St Elizabeth healthcare in their St Elizabeth cancer centre (Doterra essential oils) 

I use aromatherapy & Doterra essential oils with clients to help strengthen the immune system, to aid their mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, to support their healing, manage emotions & moods, to help with sleep patterns, anxiety, stress & to support them & their lifestyles.

Workshops are an engaging way to become empowered & educated on how essential oils can support you, your mind, body, soul & lifestyle.

When the world returns to normal (And freedom opens up again, (after the covid 19 pandemic) I will be arranging workshops in person, so you can come and sample, oils, smell them, test them out, and give you some incredible resources, recipes & knowledge

However this is not possible at the moment, instead I will be hosting paid pop up workshops/events on Facebook, and will be giving away some oil samples to just 10 lucky participants (For the giveaway oil samples you must be joining us on the live workshop, not watching on replay)

I will be sharing all the benefits of essential oils, what you can use them for, and a little about the business opportunity at the end, but this isn't about selling anything, it's about giving you valuable knowledge about how you can use oils in your life to support you.

Samples posted will be:

*Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, and a special blend of my own creation*

** Please note, I have the right to change any oil sample for something else, depending on what I have in stock, at the time of the live workshop** 

To find out more about any workshops, or information on anything I do, you can head to my online community, where I share and engage on a daily basis, by clicking on the image below...


Or for more information on events, retreats and workshops, click on the image below.....

 Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx