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Hey they lovely,

Are you a woman juggling all the f**kin curveballs & the chaos of life, a spiritual, creative, sensitive empath & introvert who is feeling a little lost, not knowing who you are anymore, never mind what the heck you want, or how you want to feel, or your so bloody fed up of constantly putting yourself at the bottom of that never ending to do list, and always feeling stressed & stuck in overwhelm... because let's face the harsh truth here... No one but you, is gonna put you first!

My name is Lisa Martin, and I'm an heart-led empath, a certified life, spiritual & happiness coach, certified angelic guide, angelic energy healer & teacher, certified journal therapist & creative soul, but I much prefer the term personal cheerleader/guide that supports you, with a little heart-led sparkle, grit, grace, woo woo & honesty, and my education continues...

I work with women just like you, mums of special needs children, empaths & introverts, women who are in the mid-section of life, whose kids have flown the nest & feeling like they have lost themselves amid the chaos & the curveballs, overwhelmed & stressed after a life of abuse, trauma, heartache & personal loss.

I empower you to reclaim your self identity, to reduce overwhelm & reconnect to self love/worth, self esteem, self belief & confidence, your dreams, passions & purpose, to rewrite your story & have a life you thrive in, not just survive in.

Simply put I help you to create the hell yes life you really want, and by your own f**kin soul rules, because you aint a cookie cutter template...and why would you even wanna be, your 100% uniquely you...

So if your looking for no bullshit, mixed with a little grit, grace, the odd swear word, and woo woo mixed in to help you with your personal heart-led journey, of reclaiming your self identity, self rediscovery & reconnection to your dreams, passions & purpose, of rewriting your story, to create your hell yes life, then I'm for you, if not, feel free to scroll on bye #sorrynotsorry, I say it as I see it, and I write as I speak, which isn't always the best way, but it's 100% me...

* Are you are feeling f**kin lost, stuck in busy, stressful, overwhelm cycle, fed up of giving to everyone & everything else first? and you know you want more in life?

* You have the dreams, the goals, and you know you want to change your life, but you have no god damn idea where to start?

* loss of self love, self esteem, & self belief, lack of clarity, confidence, constant anxiety, constantly comparing yourself, and your life, and sat there thinking your past trauma, heartbreak, etc defines you?

* You're ready fo a change, to rewrite your story, with your own rules, because let's face it, you are not Karen bloody blogs from number 29 and nor do you want to be.

Being a guide for other introverted, spiritual, creative, empath women is my soul purpose, woo woo I know, but trust me when I say, I've been there and got the f**kin t shirt to prove it

I do it...because for so many years, I was in the same place of never putting me first, as a mum & full time carer of children with Autism, ADHD, & severe mental health issues, a life spent in the shadow of abuse & trauma, a life of never fitting in, or my place in the world, thinking I was never good enough, and not wanted, because I was told this every day.

Instead my days were spent crying with sadness & frustration, the outsider always looking in, hiding myself, and who I truly wanted to be, and never really using my voice, my self worth in tatters, leading a life full of curveballs, with no support, but so needing it, because I was drowning in overwhelm & anxiety, and I often told myself I'm not being a good mum, I'm no good at anything etc etc.

3 years ago my life gave me the f**kin biggest middle finger of shitty heartache, which in truth made me really question life, I had to dig f**kin deep and sort out what I truthfully wanted, I knew it was now or never to chase my dreams, although I can't say I'm happy at my losses that led to this, It was the catalyst that got me moving on the journey of bringing myself back to life, of me being in control of creating my own hell yes my life, and having the confidence to rewrite my own story & live life my way, and of owning #thecurveballqueen that made me...well me...

I do this because F**K IT, I don't want any other women to feel like they are alone, & not good enough... Because it's a heck of a lonely feeling that way every damn day..

I have a few ways you can work with me, where I use a combination of the modalities I am certified in, and my own lived, grown & gone through life experiences.

You can choose from my signature 12 month membership, "The Soul Power Collective" Align my 1-2-1 ultimate soul coaching package, tailored to fit you & your lifestyle, or you could choose from one of my self paced my courses in the "The Soul Power Academy"

Or you could choose to join my free coaching group "Soul Queen Evolution" on facebook (Shortly moving to mighty networks)

Or from my other products & services such as Angelic Energy Healing Therapy Sessions, Journal Therapy Sessions & Mini Workshops, Angelic & Oracle Card Soul Sessions.

If you click on the image you are interested in, or take a look on the product page, it will take you to the relevant page for more info & to book.. 



In "The soul power collective" which by the way I've decided to include a monthly ritual gift box to nourish & nurture you, mind, body & soul, as part of your membership (so long as payments are up to date) because hell, who doesn't like a gift, and I believe in nurturing my clients, because life is shitty enough...

So what the heck do we work work on in here: 

* Reclaiming you, & who you truly want to be, how you want to feel & show up every damn day, releasing limiting beliefs & blocks, removing negative thoughts, negative self talk, self sabotage, and old repeating patterns & the words I can't, I should...

* Increasing your self love, self worth, self esteem, self belief, & self confidence to go after your dreams.

* Your soul values, your beliefs, personal boundaries, courage, self focus & life on your own f**kin terms.

* Creating space for your biggest soul vision, curation & creation (Without the pity party)

* Creating simple action steps for clarity, flow, dream goal setting, and your vision for your future self, and life #smallstepsarebetterthannone

You also get Monthly guidance, Soul Sessions, Min Workshops, throughout the year, and my signature mini 4 week course "Awaken Your Inner Queen" as part of the membership, and this is the only way to get all the above...

So for more details of "The soul power queen collective" click on the image above

For my 1-2-1 ultimate soul coaching package "Aligned" click on the image below

What do you get:

* My undivided attention during our time together

* A welcome ritual gift box 

* We work on how you want to be, how you want to feel each and every damn day, the goals you have & simple action steps to get you there, rewriting your story, how you want to move forward, and crafting the life you actually f**kin want, by your own design, your own rules.

* Email support

* Resources to help you with your journey

* And to end our time together, a beautiful gift and graduation day...1-2-1 coaching package only!


I'm Lisa Martin, and I know what it's like to let your past trauma & heartbreak define you, I know what it's like to hide within, to let fear get in the way, to lose sight of your hopes & dreams.

I will encourage you to really dig deep  to find out what the f**k lights you up, and what sets your heart on fire, I will encourage you to craft a life by your own design, despite the shitty curveballs, to set your boundaries so you can live by your own rules.

I know life can be bloody hard, damn painful, and I know that healing, forgiving people and situations can be painful too, trust me, I know because I have been where you are, I've had life throw me so many curveballs, I couldn't see straight.

The benefits of really healing, & say F**K TO THIS SHIT and loving who you are unconditionally, are many, it opens the door to increased energy, to vitality, confidence, success, happiness, better sleep, improved relationships (with yourself & others) and helps you to stop those self sabotaging behaviours, and the mean girl talk, and it releases you from carrying around the trauma/heartache of your past.

Investing in you:

Means you will get access to heart-led coaching, where you will be listened to, no judgement, just the odd swear word, a little woo woo mixed with grit & grace supported, inspired, and empowered, where you will find compassion, clarity, and simple action steps to rewrite the bloody story.

All you have to do is say yes, YES to investing in YOU!

I really want you to know something, from the bottom of my heart.....

YOU & your story, your journey, are so very beautiful,  with messy, snot filled, tear filled chapters, that may include the word F**K, and wine...and all the very many jigsaw pieces in between, are so worth it because... and this bit is important....YOU get to rewrite your story...any time you want! and you are 100% worth investing in...

If your not quite ready for my 1-2-1 coaching or the soul power collective, I offer an online portal which houses "The Soul Power Academy" which has a mix of free resources, paid self study courses, and it also houses "The Soul Power  Collective" membership, which when it launches will have openings twice a year.

Click on the image below to be taken to "The Soul Power Academy" courses & membership platform, or see the individual pages for more detailed information...

You can never rewrite your past, or what has happened in your life up to this point in time, yes it may have shaped your thoughts, feelings, emotions, & reactions, up to now, but you my lovely... get to start a new chapter in your story, any time you damn well want, you get to choose to craft a life by your own design, your own damn rules....

My purpose as your Coach & cheerleader is:

To give you the space to reclaim & rediscover who you truthfully are
To reconnect to your dreams, passions & purpose
To rewrite your story, so you can create a life you love.
Together we will create a simple action plan for your biggest soul vision 

This will lead to:

* Increased Clarity, Calm, Self Belief & Self Confidence

* Tools & strategies & focused action steps to create a life you love, on your own terms.

Your coaching with me is a heart led experience, which includes a series of sessions that are totally individual to you, and your specific needs, these sessions are to support, inspire, and empower you to go from where you are now, to where you want to go, and to help you to create the change you are looking for.

So why work with me?

Because my lovely, I've f**kin well been where you are right now, I've been so damn scared of reaching for my dreams, juggling all the curveballs life could throw at me, #truth is , I still do some days, life isn't perfect after all, I keep it real...and I spent to long worrying more about what others think, of fitting in to fit other peoples expectations, and never being really happy, and living up to my full potential, for so many years I have been the one that is there constantly for others, and always forgetting about my own joy.

Because I am the girl who refuses to quit!

I have gone through, grown through, what should have broken me:

* Lived in the shadow of domestic abuse as both a child & as an adult:

* Parent abandonment:

* Sexual abuse both as a child & adult:

* Anorexia:

* Toxic relationships:

* Bullying & mental abuse:

* Loss of a child (several times)

* Loss of a grandchild:

* Divorce:

This is why I created the three pillar's of self system:

Because I know when the shit hits the fan, and it does often, there were days in my past, I couldn't breathe through the tears, and there are days we need to take a bloody deep breath, and dig deep, and do what really matters to us, days we need to say ok enough!, days we need to really be honest about what we want in this crazy ride called life..


Coaching can be done from anywhere, we don't even have to be in the same city, or room, its a fact that a lot of people prefer to be coached over the phone, via zoom or email as its sometimes much easier if you are an introverted empath, or have busy life & hectic schedule

But of course, absolutely it can also be done in person at a nice location, hotel, coffee shop etc, or my home office, over tea & cake, .I mean come on, who doesn't love cake....and I'm a hugger too, I don't believe in this you gotta be off hand and all super uptight professional shit... I'll hug you, or if your not a hugger, I'll shake your hand at least...

 Coaching with me, is right for you if you're....

If you are feeling lost, stuck in overwhelm, and invisibility & Done with giving a f....k what others say about you, living your life on other peoples terms, and what they expect of you, being a people pleaser, you don't mind swear words, as my speech is peppered with them..

I no longer make apologies for being me, #sorrynotsorry

You love tea and cake, having a natter (chat) with me about your hopes, ideas, dreams, passions & purpose, and maybe the odd fairy, vampire, books, woo woo thrown in the conversation, as I'm known to go off around the houses, but we always come back to the subject in hand...and you so want more for your life, your ready to rip up the f**kin script, and rewrite your own, to create a hell yes life by your own design, your own bloody rules...

If you are ready to dive in, then apply now and reserve your no obligation 15 minute soul discovery coaching call (Via zoom)

* Please note I now charge a £5.00 GBP non refundable fee for these calls* which is then taken off any further coaching package or sessions booked.

Apply now by emailing Lisa at: 

Are you thinking, now is not the right time for you to take up coaching to rediscover & reconnect with your soulful self.... I get that honest I do... 

But do me a favour...look inside yourself and ask how much is going to change if you continue to be stuck where you are and the feelings your having, when things can be changed to rediscover you, so you can live, love and lead your life as a fully empowered woman.

What do you have to lose in telling me more about your wonderful self, and what you are most hoping you can create for yourself ?.... Nothing!

Still not sure? ask me any question you like...

Don't worry I've got your back, you can check out my FAQs...

I can't wait to connect with you.

To reserve your 15 minute life & soul discovery coaching call now... email me at:

Hugs & Wishes

Lisa xx