Angelic Energy Healing

Angelic Energy Healing

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Why have angelic energy healing therapy?

Are you feeling tired, heavy, ungrounded, clogged up with negativity & negative thoughts, patterns & behaviour, needing extra support in your life?

This is where I can call in archangel Zadkiel, to bring in his ultraviolet light to cleanse clear, and recharge your energy field.

Feeling stuck, unmotivated, I can call in archangel Gabriel's energies, which are soothing, healing, and will bring a sense of calm.

What is angelic energy healing therapy?

Angelic healing therapy, is a form of holistic healing similar to reiki & other energy healing modalities.

During an angelic healing session you will receive energy healing on all levels, physical, mental, emotional & spiritually, via me a certified angelic energy healer, angelic guide & teacher in this modality.

I act as the Chanel for the angelic healing therapy, this is channeled from the angelic realm, sometimes with the power & the energy of a particular angel or archangel (ascended masters), but always with the help of a host of healing angels.

I work particularly with archangel Micheal, the great protector, associated with the colour blue, whose energy gives strength & courage, he helps us with releasing, cutting cords, and freeing us from lower vibrational energy, this can help clients who may be struggling with challenges & curveballs in life.

Archangel Raphael, The great healer, associated with the colour green, he helps us with healing, relaxing, and restoration.

Archangel Metatron, Associated with the colour purple, helps us with balancing

Mother Mary, The healer of hearts, associated with the colour pale blue, helps heal from past pain & old wounds.

Archangel Gabriel, Associated with the colour copper, Helps with communication & creativity.

Apart from the angels, archangels who may be present during a  healing session, The clients (Your own) guardian angel will be present during an angelic energy healing session, adding their own energy frequency of unconditional love.

Angelic energy healing therapy, is a pure light and high vibrational healing, and it will go to the level where it is most needed to restore balance, harmony & wellbeing in each client

During an angelic energy healing therapy session, the energy healing is drawn through the hands of the practitioner (Me) into each client, who can be sitting or lying down, it is a hands free energy healing session, and the client remains fully clothed, face up, throughout the session (In person treatments you ill be on a massage table/bed, with quiet soothing music played in the background)

How does Angelic energy healing therapy feel?

It varies for each person, the most common effect is a feeling of deep relaxation, inner peace & wellbeing, you may feel a warmth or tingling sensation, see colours, or you may not feel, see or experience anything at all during the session, the angelic energy healing will help to release any imbalances in the clients (Your) life on a holistic level.

Before any session takes place, a consultation/lifestyle assessment will take place to asses your requirements, it also provides me with information to any particular areas that require attention.

Please note: This is a distance/remote 60 minute Angelic energy healing therapy session (You will not need to be in my presence) It is done the same way as in person energy healing, I connect to a client (You) through energy

I also offer longer energy healing sessions, click on the drop down menu within the listing to find other options.

All consultations will take place via a questionnaire, that is sent to you via email, prior to any session, this needs to be completed, and sent back to me via email, 48 hours before any session takes place (This is a requirement, no questionnaire returned then I'm afraid the session cannot take place)

After a session takes place.

You may feel much lighter, refreshed, or sleepy, always drink plenty of water/fluid to help the healing & releasing process, please listen to your body & follow your own intuition, don't overdo it, get plenty of rest.

What are angels?

Angels are energy forms beyond the physicality of the human body, they are intelligence of light, vibrating at a high frequency of unconditional love & light.

Angels are without ego, meaning they see & perceive us for who we truly are without judgement.

They are not bound by time, or space & exist in a dimension without limitations, angels are said to be created by source (God/goddess/creator) choose the word that resonates with you, as divine beings to help guide each of us on our journey through life on this earthly plain.