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Sanctuary Personal Mentorship

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Did you know that childhood is experienced through other peoples version of reality, the unquestioned truth you believed about yourself, other people and the world around you.

It isn't your actual truth though, it's the truth that others gave you, passed on from one person to the next, and one generation to the next.

But unfortunately for a lot of us, what we see, hear and are told from our childhood, and early adulthood, does become our reality, and this is the foundation that we build the layers of ourselves upon.


It no longer has to be your reality, to stay in the cycle or rinse & repeat, of the mundane, of being in toxic relationships, and dating all the frogs (aka the narcissists) of living with abuse, trauma, drama and heartache, you have the power within you to rewrite your story, and reclaim you...

With my 1-1 personal mentorship we will work together on an individual plan that will help you to rediscover & reconnect to who you are right now, uncover and identify the blocks and experiences that are holding you back from following your dreams, passion & purpose, and from being true to who you really are, and what you really want.

I created Sanctuary for the woman who wants to be seen, heard, listened to, nourished & nurtured, in a sacred container...

Sanctuary Is for you, if you know you want to make changes & an impact in several areas of your life:

You want to work on rediscovering, and reconnecting to you, unraveling the internal thoughts, and limiting beliefs that keep holding you back, so you can reclaim all of who you are.

You want to start breaking the cycle of toxic relationships, you want to feel less tired, lost, overwhelmed, stressed or anxious, you want to pursue your goals, dreams, passion, and purpose, and you want the mindset shifts needed, to ensure your success with higher energy/vibration levels, motivation, self confidence, self love, self esteem, self worth and self belief so you can start living your best life, and being the best version of you, on your terms, not anyone else's!


* How to connect to you intuition & rediscover your true interests, and desires, so you can live, love and lead your life with intentional soul

* How to create boundaries  and shift out of the cycle of toxic relationships, of overwhelm & struggle, into grace and flow, so you feel less frazzled and more at peace.

* To conquer the fears that keep you held back, so you can step into the soulful person, you truly are.

* To cultivate confidence, self love, self belief, courage & clarity.


* Clearing limiting beliefs & repeating patterns, overcoming fear, anxiety, insecurity, and those pesky mind monkeys who tell you, you can't... YOU CAN!

* Breaking through the barriers to self love, self compassion, self acceptance, self worth, self belief, self confidence, and learning to communicate your soulful truth, with clarity, calm and grace, and stepping into your power by embracing your courage, confidence and clarity in love, life and business.


You will only get out of this, what you put into it!,

As much as i'd love to do the work for you, I can't as it is your personal journey.

Although I will be there 110% to guide you, inspire you and support you,.

So if you apply all of my coaching tips and techniques, you will gain a sense of self development, a sense of satisfaction and connection to yourself.

* Clarity on your goals & what steps you need to take to start to achieve them

* Tips, strategies, & kind words on how to overcome your mind monkey, you know the one who sits on your shoulder and tells you, you can't, the one who says who are you to think you can do this or that, the one who tells you you're not good enough

* Tips, strategies and support, on how to use your personal life experiences & passions to serve you best

* Tips & support in forming your new positive mindset habits to deal with the curveballs life may through at you (because it does) and life isn't perfect, so that you can deal with them with a smile and a f...k you and start to achieve your goals and dreams anyway.

* Support and guidance to claim your  renewed sense of confidence, a renewed self worth, self esteem, and self belief, and accountability (if you want it) to making the changes you want a reality.


Available worldwide.

(6 MONTHS) OF: 1 - 1 personal mentorship

For your Life, Soul Rediscovery, soulful connection, self acceptance & Mindset 

Soul Guidance & Discovery & Soulful Intention Setting:

What is included:

Before we begin:

* A pre coaching life questionnaire

This is focused on finding out what you want to achieve in the six months

And coming up with a plan & action steps, for you moving forward.


 (6 months of)

1:1 Soul Guidance & Rediscovery & Mindset Coaching.

* 1 x 60 minute initial soul session to go over your initial questionnaire & goals

* 1 welcome gift

* 1 x 3 hour Soul Vision mastermind session, includes a light lunch, in a beautiful location, for you to dig deep, & gain clarity on what you want, includes soul vision board creation session, with guidance from angel, oracle cards & crystals., simple action plan to put into place to start crafting the life/business you want, after session notes, sent to you via email (this session can be taken anytime in your first 3 months of coaching & as long as all payments have been finalised)

*Please note if covid lockdown rules reapply before this has been taken in person, then it will be held via zoom session*

* A further 10 x 60 minute soul sessions (every two weeks) via zoom 

The reason I do every two weeks is to give you time to implement any work given, as I know first hand that life & other commitments can sometimes get in the way of working on you.


Soulful You 93 page Guide (Inc: Mindset & Mindfulness techniques, Coaching info, Goal setting, future vision creating, wellbeing, relaxation & meditation techniques, Journalling, affirmation & Rituals PDF Guide, to help break the low energy, stressed out, no self care cycle. (emailed to you, for you to print off) after your first initial 60 minute session

* Other pdf guides to help you in your journey (guides will vary depending on your needs at the time)

* An empowering Soul ritual gift box to include custom gemstone pack, original positivity card set and other goods (after your 3rd month of coaching, and once all coaching payments are made final)

* A custom meditation guide

* 6 x 15 minute Angelic guidance & Oracle card reading  (sent via email, 6 in total)

* 2 x 60 minute distance angelic energy healing( you will not need to be present for this, as it will be sent to you remotely

* 1-2-1 daily email & messenger support during the 26 week (6 month) period (Monday - Friday office hours only, other hours and weekends I try my best to respond swiftly, but due to family commitments, you may not get an answer straight away, I try to answer all enquiries as quick as I can.

For any home work support, questions, breakdowns & breakthroughs

* 1 x 5 x 7 Original Art Quote framed, designed by Lisa Martin (this will be sent to you once your coaching has finished) these are for personal use only, no sharing, copying, redistributing, altering in any way without prior permission from Lisa Martin)

* Access to a private coaching group for accountability, connection, inspiration, and recommendations.

* After session notes, emailed to you after each session, which covers what we discussed & includes your homework assignments before the next session.

* After session client prep, sent via email to be returned to me the week before our next session begins, so that we can best utilise our time together in each session.

YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE: On Completion Of Our 6 Months Together:

A V.I.P coaching graduation gift: to include afternoon tea & fizz, & handcrafted gift in a beautiful surrounding Location Beverley

(Worldwide clients) A V.I.P graduation gift for clients unable to attend a graduation day in person, gift will be sent in the post.

A further 3 x 30 minute follow up coaching session (to be taken within 3 months of your first coaching package ending) 

And an extra bonus:

Access to my mini soul journal course

Each of my coaching sessions will be tailored to your specific requirements & requests, but will expand on the questions you answered in your initial coaching questionnaire  and your 1st discovery coaching session, to form your tailored action plan, to clear blocks, limiting beliefs, and to move forward with your goals in inspired action to gain confidence, clarity, self love etc and get you from stuck here you are now, to moving forward where you want to be.

These sessions currently take place via zoom, (once the pandemic is over they can then resume to being in my home studio, or in a central location within Beverley, East Yorkshire

Your energy exchange is £3,000 payment in full

Payments via instalments can be arranged, all instalments are to be paid via bank transfer, and the first months payment of £1,000 must be paid before the 1st set of coaching sessions can begin, with the second instalment to be paid before further coaching commences, and likewise for the 3rd and final payment.

Please contact me before purchase if you wish to pay in instalments, otherwise the website will charge the full 1-1 personal mentorship fee.

Please Note: All coaching programs bought require a client & coach contract, prior to any coaching starting, this will be sent to you via email once payment has been confirmed & cleared, and No coaching will take place until the first month has been paid, and further months are paid in advance of the next month of coaching ( if paying in instalments)

This is to protect all parties.

Please note no coaching will start until a contract has been signed, and either full payment, Or the first months instalments for payment have been made, and have been cleared. 

* Please note: As most of the research and content is created for your sessions before a session actually takes place, please see the following points.

Email sessions cannot be cancelled or rescheduled, and are non refundable.

* Please note: I require at least 72 hours for a rescheduling of your appointment, you may reschedule once only, after this each time you reschedule you will be charged an extra fee of £50.00, this will need to be paid before any further sessions can be booked in, or added onto your bill if paying by instalments.

Cancelation of appointments are non refundable, and if more than 1 cancellation is made, each one will be charged an extra fee of £50.00, this will need to be paid before any further sessions can be booked in, or added onto your bill if paying by instalments

* Please note: With full honesty & transparency, I have had to revise my rescheduling, and cancelation policies, as from the 1st of January 2021, due to time wasting, and non respect of my time & effort I put into the research and creation of coaching sessions.

I also encourage clients to be as honest as possible with their time and date commitments, and if they cannot make the seeing provided to give me at least 72 hours notice.

Please Note: my services are not meant to be taken as medical advice, I am not a trained medical professional, so if you need medical assistance, or other medical trained advice, then your GP should be where you turn to.

For further information please see the FAQ'S page